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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Two Birds, One Stone

For the record, no birds were harmed in the making of this post. It's just a phrase. Go away, PETA!

Friday morning, I was looking at my to-do list and among other things, it included "Advertising Class Message Board Assignment" and "Write Sunday's SMF Post". I was a bit stumped on both so I decided to combine them.

I went to my old pal, Twitter, and asked:
Okay, help me out bc my mind is blank. I need a non-automotive ex of brand w high quality (reliability, best in class, superior performance)

Your reward? All the cat hair you can eat. Or a quick promo on my blog on Sunday.

Yes, you're doing my homework, btw. So I need to be able to effectively explain your brand choice to the prof in order to use it.
The first response was from @mstacer who suggested Cuisinart. I did a little digging and while my heart belongs to my Kitchenaid stand mixer, I found that Cuisinart was in fact using quality to differentiate themselves from Kitchenaid (by a direct side-by-side comparison). Since it doesn't get anymore applicable to my assignment than that, she wins!

And I win, because my assignment was completed and now I have a blog post for today!

You can read about Melinda's adventures with adorable son Ian, ants, and the ROAR-Mobile (seriously, go read that one) on her blog, The Days Like This.

Honorable mention for participation goes to:

Keep an eye out on Twitter, folks. I'm sure I'll need more homework help before classes are finished!


Melinda said...

Thanks for the promo. I am glad that I could be of help. Funny thing is that the only reason I suggest Cuisinart was because I am coveting the Griddler.

Toriz said...

That's one way to get it done. LOL!

C. Beth said...

Hip hip hooray, Melinda! Sounds like a good example to use. Hope the paper goes well!

Jeanie said...

You get an "A" for creativity.