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Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Friendly Reminder

Recent email I received at work:
Dear Cate,
This is a friendly reminder that you have signed up for a free glucose and cholesterol screening on Tuesday at 8:30am. blahblahblah
Here's what I want to know - why doesn't anyone ever send me an unfriendly reminder? Something more like this:
OMG Cate, seriously, try not to forget you have a health screening on Tuesday!
Or even a step further - a totally hostile reminder:
Cate, if you don't show up for your scheduled screening on Tuesday, I'm going to have to track you down and punch you in the face!
Those are much more interesting reminders.

Not to mention, this so-called friendly reminder wasn't overly friendly. Just factual. Complete failure on the part of our HR department.


Melinda said...

I HATE sending out "friendly" reminders, which I have to do often in my current job. Just a friendly reminder that your bill is past due and I am going to give you until this day to pay up or you will get another friendly reminder to pay your bill. HATE!

The Brown Recluse said...

And you should let 'em know they have FAILED!

C. Beth said...

In other words,

"Cate, this is a friendly reminder that you must starve yourself Tuesday morning. Even if you don't usually eat much for breakfast, not being ALLOWED to eat will mess with your mind, and by the time 8:30 rolls around, you will feel like you've been fasting for 40 days. Please try not to pass out when you see the needle. Kthxbai."

C. Beth said...

By the way, is this part of a wellness program? That's such a big trend. Hubby's office is doing the same thing. We actually save $ on our health insurance because we did the screenings. Now he's taking part in some sort of contest where they get points for how much time they work out. I don't know what the prize is, but I hope it's a gift certificate to a restaurant where we can go eat a huge, rich dinner. (Probably not, huh?)

Eternal Lizdom said...

This goes so nicely with my post today about good communication.

Say what you mean! Use the right words!

Intense Guy said...

Any reminder with "punch your face" in it would get my attention!

Toni said...

I want to be the person who hunts people down and punches them in the face! I have anger that needs to vent!

holly said...

There are no friendly reminders, only pesky ones. No one wants to be reminded of anything! We're adults, if we want to be there, we will be.

Toriz said...

Sounds more like a formal reminder to me. I mean, wouldn't friendly be more like:

"Dearrest darling Cate, I'm terribly sorry to bother you, but you agreed to come in for a few tests. Please try to make it, since it would be terribly annoying for all concerned if you don't, and then you'll have to go through all the hastle of rescheduling. And I'm sure you have much more interesting things to do than mess about making appointments for things."

See, isn't that much more friendly?

Lauren said...

Haha! Don't you hate it when they say friendly reminder and they're less than friendly about it. Trips me out...