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Friday, June 18, 2010

Party Girl

Ever party so hard you don't even remember it?
me: Hello?
StrangeDude: Hey, LaShonda?
me: No, I'm sorry, I think you have the wrong number. What number are you calling?
StrangeDude: (reads out my number)
me: That's this number but it's my cellphone. No LaShonda here, sorry.
StrangeDude: Are you playing with me? You don't remember me from bar name last night?
me: I wasn't there last night. I was at home.
StrangeDude: You were pretty drunk. Maybe you just don't remember.
me: I'd remember not being home. And if she was that drunk, maybe that explains how she gave you the wrong number?
StrangeDude: No, this is definitely the right number. Why are you messing with me? You said to call!
me: Sorry, mister, but it's not the right number and I never told you to call me because I was not at the bar last night.
StrangeDude: You know, you don't really sound like a LaShonda.
me: That's because I'm not.
StrangeDude: So, umm, wanna meet me at bar name tonight?
me: Sure. I'll bring my husband.
StrangeDude: Nevermind. click
That's actually the second time a stranger has invited me to a bar. And the second time the offer was rescinded when I said I'd come but bring my husband.

Must be Joe's reputation precedes him.


Melinda said...

Oh LaShonda, you party animal! That is one of the best stories ever.

The Brown Recluse said...

How funny! you getting drunk and calling yourself LaShonda at some bar!! Got a multiple personality things going on there, do you? heh

My sister's "friend" used to give out my sister's number when she was "drunk" in a bar. But she gave out her name, too. lol It might have been one of your friends?! lol Probably not. (Believe it or not, this many years later, those two are still friends.)

The Brown Recluse said...

PS: I hate typos, especially my own.

C. Beth said...

But you must be so, um, FLATTERED that your voice was sexy enough for him to hit on you, sight unseen! :)

Grand Pooba said...

Oh my god that is hilarious! I love how quick you were with the husband comment!

You crack me up

Jessica said...

LOL that is hilarious! I get wrong number calls all of the freaking time. So annoying. Isn't it great how the mere mention of a husband figure is enough to scare away (most) guys?

April Mechelle said...

You are a party animal !!! I loved the post !

blognut said...

Are you sure it wasn't you?

'Cause I heard you can be pretty wild when you're drunk. Just sayin'.

Caty said...

very funny...Tell Joe he's messing up your game :)

Toriz said...


Ah well, I guess you and Jo will have to go out on your own.

I had a similar sort of call like 20 minutes after plugging my new phone in and turning it on one time. Apparently guys lose interest in women they chat up on the phone after finding out they plan on bringing their hubbies along for the meetings/dates. LOL!

holly said...

That guy was pretty insistent that no girl would ever give him a fake number. How clueless of him.

holly said...

Oh, and he probably doesn't know about faking it yet, either.

amanda @ Rambling of an Empty Mind said...

LMAO, that's just too bloody funny.
I could handle calls like that...I get calls from people looking for a particular business...because the first number of 10 is the only difference. It does get annoying.

Jingle said...

I posted my Six Word Saturday post already.