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Monday, June 21, 2010


Remember how I was all freaked out that my gym was changing locations because the idea of change horrifies me?

Somehow I survived the first few visits. I changed into my gym clothes at work, drove to the gym, worked out, drove home, showered in the safety and privacy of my own bathroom.

This was fine for a couple of weeks until Joe and I went to the gym together on a Saturday morning. We were on a tight schedule trying to fit in workouts and still make my eye appointment so he suggested showering at the gym instead of taking time to come home.

Umm, excuse me? Get naked in the public shower? What is this, high school?

But my practical side won out so I went along with his brilliant idea. All was well at first. The locker room was actually empty so I didn't have to bear the shame of people looking at my nekkidness as I bundled in a hand-towel-they-pretend-is-a-shower-towel and tip-toed over to the shower.

The shower itself was fine. I would've preferred a locking stall door but it was plenty private with a shower curtain, changing area, another shower curtain, and then the shower itself. Plus, they provide soap and shampoo. Awesome.

Just as I was calming down at the ok-ness of this, the lights went off. As in pitch-black. I mean, it's a shower - there aren't windows in there. My mind immediately went to the shower scene from Psycho and every cliche horror movie scene since then where the killer is IN THE HOUSE, turns out the lights, and then ATTACKS the woman in the shower where she is naked and most vulnerable.

I quickly rinsed off in silence (because, you know, they wouldn't hear the water running), grabbed my towel, and slowly stepped out of the shower curtain. Immediately, the lights came back on.

Yeah, the lights were hooked to a motion sensor to save the gym electricity. I had noticed this in other rooms but what moron thought that was a good idea in the shower area? Of course the sensor can't see activity once you've left the main hall and moved into one of the shower stalls!

I wonder if that stupid motion sensor has freaked anyone else out or if I'm just special.


Melinda said...

I think that you handled that pretty darn well. I don't think I would have been as graceful. Picture me poised with shampoo bottle in hand as a weapon, wrapped in a hand towel. It would not have been pretty.

C. Beth said...

Yikes! That's ridiculous! And yes, scary.

Energy saving should be coupled with common sense. Of course, everything should be coupled with common sense, but if I start expecting that, I'm setting myself up for disappointment.

The Brown Recluse said...

That was pretty stupid! I'm with you, do NOT want to get all nekkie in a public shower.

Eternal Lizdom said...

I hope you let them know that they need to reset that timer for longer! Ack!

Eternal Lizdom said...

Oh- and I shower more often at my gym than I do at home. I generally shower 4-5 times a week at the gym and once at home.

Molly said...

Check out my 25 Things blog that I tagged you in!!! :)

Toriz said...

It would freak plenty of people I know out, so don't feel too bad.

Margaret said...

That is a totally stupid idea!!!!

Traci said...

Wow, that sure was a moron who put the motion sensors in the shower area. Come on people!

kkrige said...

oh my god, Too funny! GREAT idea. motion detector in the shower area. Nice.

holly said...

perhaps you should try dancing next time you shower there.

Brenda Susan said...

O man, I know I would have screamed immediately! Especially being nervous already. Fun times huh?