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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Sunday, I had to run into the drugstore of choice to pick up my chill-pills and a few other goodies, including deodorant. I looked for my preferred brand. No unscented. I checked the other brands - flowers, powder, "rain", citrus. No unscented.

What's the deal with that? The whole point of deodorant is to DE-ODOR. Not to mask the odor with something else. Not to make us smell like roses or lemons. Just to make us not smell like sweat or any other thing.

Isn't that what perfume is for?

By the time I use my Japanese cherry blossom body wash, mint shampoo and conditioner, and flower deodorant, I already have 3 competing smells before I put on my "fresh scent" soap detergent and "summer breeze" dryer sheet clothes.

And then where does perfume fit into all of this?

Maybe I'm just a little over-scentsitive about this issue because smells in general tend to make me want to hurl. I go to great lengths to avoid walking past the perfume counters in department stores (why do they have to be right at the entrance?) because they're certain to induce a headache. And there's one lady at work who must just ROLL in her perfume because if she's been in our office suite in the last 30 minutes, I can smell her trail.

I do my best to present myself each day free of sense scents except perhaps a bit of a soapy-clean smell. I wish more people would be considerate and do the same.

Including deodorant companies.


Melinda said...

I also prefer unscented everything. Not that long ago I received a sample of perfume, and tried it. Oh my goodness, I spent most of the day with my eyes pretty much glued shut and a box of tissue hanging from my nose. Sometimes natural isn't all that bad.

Toriz said...

I agree. I have nothing against the scents, but...

1. Why do people have to put so much on?

2. How can people claim to bottle such scents as "Summers breeze" and "rain" anyway?

Toriz said...

Oh, and...

3. Why do they have to be practically shoved down our necks? Not all people want to smell like they're practising to be a flower garden, after all!

C. Beth said...

I don't mind a mild scent on my deodorant (something powder-y.) But I don't wear perfume. I think there are a lot of people who are allergic to scents or have headache issues, so I don't want to be the cause of an allergy attack or migraine! Plus, it seems like I think I like a perfume, then get it and realize I don't like it, so it's easier just to smell like myself (which is hopefully very mild and inoffensive!) :)

holly said...

I hate scents on bodies. I get an instant headache if I walk past the Body Shop.

I would always make the other recruiter interview the one wearing all the cologne/perfume in order to be fair. I knew if I interviewed them, they wouldn't get the job.

Jeanie said...

You are right...all the smells are nonsense.