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Thursday, July 01, 2010

First Fursday: Stuff I Eat

Our long-haired human completely failed to let us have our post last month. The nerve! So I left her a friendly reminder on her Mental Health Day last week. AKA I barfed at the foot of the stairs. You're welcome.

Oh yeah, Tonya here, like there was any doubt.

Last week, short-haired human brought home some French fries and I've become obsessed. Yeah, I know they say people food isn't good for cats. But just who are they anyways? They certainly haven't talked with my belly because I say French fries are awesome! I love all kinds of potatoes, actually. Especially mashed potatoes because usually if the humans give me a taste of mashed potatoes, I can take an accidental chunk out of their finger at the same time. Haha, it's so fun to watch them pull their hand away and yell!

I also like tuna fishes, pureed pumpkin, and whipped cream. Oh, and honey ham. Not smoked ham, mind you. That stuff is nasty. Only honey ham.

Rusty refuses to eat any of those things with the exception of a bite of fresh fish now and then. He likes to stick to his plain old crunchies and doesn't even eat the treats the humans give us!  What a moron.

Recently, I decided I've had enough of those "gourmet crunchies". $40 a bag? Whatever. Like that means anything to me. If the humans would go to that work place more often instead of this whole "weekend" thing, maybe they'd have more money to care for me in the manner I demand deserve. Still, I thought I should keep them on their toes and refuse the gourmet crunchies. Short-haired human was so desperate that he broke out the "emergency" crunchies this morning just to see if I'd eat them. Usually I turn my nose up at them but today I decided I'd go ahead and chomp them down. So awesome to keep the humans guessing!

Next month, I'll probably let Rusty take over this post, despite his habit of sucking. Still, it's been awhile since he's had a chance and I could use a rest. It's hard when all of the work falls on me. A girl needs her beauty sleep!

P.S. A quick note from long-haired human but the kitties are rarely given table scraps despite the begging. Much to Tonya's dismay.


C. Beth said...

Very wise, Tonya. French fries are clearly nature's perfect food.

Melinda said...

Oh Tonya, you poor mistreated thing missing your chance to blog last month. I can't wait to hear what you allow Rusty to say next month.

Kathy said...

My kitty, Bobs, must be kin to Rusty. She only likes her dry catfood...doesn't care for anything else at all. I've seen her "taste" tuna once or twice. What's up with that? It was good to hear from your furries again!

Caty said...

so nice to hear from your furry friends. They are very entertaining :)

Toriz said...

The nerve of those humans! Fancy making your post get missed! And not many table scraps? What's that all about? You should teach them a lesson for that one!

Licks and sniffs,