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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Guess What?!?!

Chicken Butt!!!


Why was that so funny as a kid?

Better question - why is that so funny to me now? I must be experiencing one of those rare "good moods" I've heard so much about. That or sleep deprivation.

What completely silly thing made you laugh as a child?


Melinda said...

I can't recall any particular thing that made me laugh as a kid, but I was one of those kids prone to giggle fits. I would get giggling and have a hard time stopping because giggling made me giggle more. It is possible my mom wanted to throw me out the window on an occasion or seven because of this.

Toriz said...

I didn't even find that funny as a kid. Sorry.

What I did find absolutely hilarious - for some unknown reason - was when someone would say, "are you alright?" and someone else would reply, "no, I'm half right, and half left."

I think it's stupid now, and just tut when someone says it, but for some unknown reason I found it highly amusing as a child.

Kimmy said...

LOL....I actually say that and also "What's up, Chicken Butt"!!!! It's just a cute little saying that I also like to say.

Teri C said...

My granddaughters boyfriend from another country thinks this saying is hysterical! I laugh overtime he says ti.

Whitney said...

Kid One:I'm "Thirsty"
Kid Two: Well I'm Friday, come over Saturday and we'll have a Sunday...

That is so LAME! Yet, I thought it was hilarious.

C. Beth said...

Guess why?

Chicken thigh!!

Ha ha ha...totally does NOT get old (even though I do.)

Debbi said...

Our 'insult' to each other was "Butthole Brainhead".

Don't ask, But it was funny to us.