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Thursday, July 22, 2010

I'm Leaving!

Not exactly. I mean, I'm not going anywhere.

But my job did approve for me to take a three month reduction in hours this Fall so I can handle my school workload! Can I get a woohoo or a booyah?

I really didn't think Human Resources would go for it but they were an easy sell once my boss signed off. That left just upper management. But then my drama llama boss kinda lost his mind a week ago and packed his toys office and said he was leaving, never coming back. The last week has been incredibly stressful as I've waited to see what would happen and tried to weigh what I should do in case I couldn't take that leave. Could I still handle the full schedule?

Doesn't matter now. I'm approved. I'll work only 24 hours a week on a schedule to be determined with my boss. The other two days (plus nights, weekends, lunch hours, etc) will be used for online courses.

I'm hoping this relieves some of the strain I've been feeling lately. I believe that completing this grad certificate is definitely a move in the right direction for me. Finally the pieces are falling in place to support it.

Speaking of support - thank you to all of you amazing people who have been leaving me such encouraging comments and sending such amazing emails. This blog is always going to be up and down because that's just who I seem to be. But I'm hoping we see a lot more "up" for the next few months.

P.S. I wrote all THAT last night. Of course this morning I walk in and get a completely different story from my boss. Because he's a spineless lying jerkface. Screw me.


kristi said...

Seriously, so what happened today??

I just finished a 2 year degree, all done online.
It was HARD but I did it!

Princess Andy said...

you might want to give your boss a heads up that i'm on my way.

don't tell me that he has rescinded the whole thing?!

i will SO be up in his shit.

but even if you don't get the reduction in hours, you WILL finish your courses.

because that's just how you roll, bitch;)

<3 andrea

Kimmy said...

Serious?? What the heck? Don't you just wish people could just make up their darn mind? Seriously!!

Good luck and fill us in when you get a chance!

Caty said...

Don't you just love those two face bosses?? I hope you do get your leave!! But I am sure you can get through the classes even if it is rescinded!!

Toriz said...

Two faced SOB! I hope you do get your reduced time/leave like you were originally promised!

silver star said...

I'll give you both: WOOHOO!!! BOOYAH!!!

Hope it hasn't changed since you wrote this.