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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Not Here

And it's just as well because Monday was supposed to be awesome and instead it was a pile o' poo, all of which was generated by the Drama Llama.

Today, I am passing forward the good guest-blogging karma from my trip to Spain with a little guest entry over at Tortuga's Turtle Droppings.

The best part is that I can't remember at all what I wrote about so it will be a surprise to everyone!


Melinda said...

I never went to camp as a kid. My mom signed me up for Girl Scouts (Brownies to be exact.) I hated it. I hated the meetings. I hated the events. I cried and refused to go on the camp out. My mom pulled me out after a while because who wants to spend money on something their kid hates. Looking back I was a pretty antisocial kid and missed out on the setting on worm fun.

Toriz said...

Sorry you had such a lousy day!