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Monday, July 26, 2010

In-Flight Amenities

If you play along on Six Word Saturday, you may recall my entry from this week:

Infants are NOT an in-flight amenity

Screenshot from

Only, you know, bigger and with more colors. (Also, I feel it is important to note that I do not automatically hate babies on planes - but I certainly do NOT consider them to be an amenity.)

This was a reference to what Joe found on regarding his flight on Delta for Saturday morning. For the record, I think they were offering infant-related amenities as opposed to actual infants.

Not that Joe had an opportunity to get on the Delta flight because also an optional amenity was the idea of scheduling a flight crew. At least in Delta's mind. Eventually, this resulted in the cancellation of his flight that was to connect him to his OTHER flight that would take him to San Francisco to run the half marathon on Sunday. For added fun, he had to arrive in time to travel from the airport to the expo center to pick up his running packet before 5pm or they wouldn't allow him to run the next morning.

The condensed version ends with Delta putting Joe on an American Airlines flight that had to fly around some serious weather going into Chicago which almost delayed him and made him miss that connection. But he finally arrived in SFO, only a little worse for wear. He picked up his race packet and enjoyed his run super-early Sunday morning.

It seems every time we fly lately, there's an issue. Usually an issue that stresses me out completely and I'm pretty sure we're going to miss our connecting flight and we're totally going to die now arrive later than planned.

So as I write this on Sunday night for posting on Monday morning, the idea is that Joe will be flying the red-eye back, on Delta, to make an East coast connection to our undisclosed location, arriving here around 9am. I'm going to bed hoping that I don't have to write a P.S. to this post that involves punching Delta in the face.

P.S. Don't worry - it's a good news P.S. because Joe had an uneventful flight from SFO to the east coast, made his connection without issue, and will be landing back at our undisclosed location in about an hour. Yay!


C. Beth said...

Hooray! Welcome home, Joe! And congrats to Delta for amazing you.

Jeanie said...

Maybe the "undisclosed location" is the problem...a plane has to know where it is supposed to get to.
I am glad his return has been uneventful.

kkrige said...


silver star said...

I've had trouble with weather delays in Chicago before, it was such a huge pain in the bottom. I'm glad Joe made it to the marathon on time and home again.

Toriz said...

Plane travel is much more hastle than it's worth sometimes.