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Friday, July 16, 2010

A Tale of Two Cities

Another late trip post...

On our trip to Barcelona, Joe managed to hook me up with the most awesome of anxiety-quelling gifts - global data on my faithful companion, Gwen.

We spent a few hours on a lovely clear day at Park G├╝ell. This place was so visually stimulating that it's hard to explain. Barcelona's resident artist, Antoni Gaudi, created the area originally to be a housing development for the rich and famous. Gaudi designed elaborate gardens and crazy structures that are amazing to view. Some are stunning in their beauty and some are downright absurd - we couldn't decide if they looked more like Candyland, Wonka creations, or Smurf dwellings.

The park is on a steep hill overlooking the city and the further into the park you climb, the more astounding the view becomes. It was so astounding that I was inspired to share it with my family back home. I pulled out Gwen and sent a photo similar to this:

The reply? "Don't most people go on vacation to get away from big nasty cities?"

It had never occurred to me that they would see it that way (and by "they" you know I mean my mother). I saw an amazing view that stretched to include a lush park, included Gaudi's home (building in left forefront of the photo), the city below, mountains, and the sea. To me, the city represents all of these people and opportunities and lives that are very different from my own - which is exciting! To my family, the city represents icky foreigners, people who don't speak English, crowds, pollution, and crime.

Sometimes I wonder how I was raised in that kind of environment and yet see things so differently.


C. Beth said...

I'm glad you have the outlook you have. :)

Toriz said...

That's simple. It's because you were raised in that environment that you see things differently. Your natural instincts for being inquisitive and asking, "why?" make it possible for you to see the bigger picture - which your family don't see - and to understand and accept that different is better, and that there are plenty of things to investigate out there if you're only prepared to take a moment to look.

TechnoBabe said...

Just goes to show, we can be looking at the same thing and see it differently, and it applies to family too.

holly said...

i am the same way. you would never believe any of my family members to be my relations.

TMC said...

your mom makes me so mad sometimes.

i was really proud of you for enjoying your vacation.

kkrige said...

I toured through Europe in 1994 and LoVED Barcelona! Gaudi is an architectural genius. I loved walking around the city and seeing all his neat buildings and influences everywhere. Now the beach left a little to be desired, but a city like that is too cool for words.