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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cate Inserts Witty Title Here

Cate's busy trying to work. She seems to think that productivity is in direct proportion to number of monitors, but I think she's taken it a bit far.  She tells me she currently has 4 laptops, an external monitor, and a tv to use as a monitor on her desk.

This is where I had inserted a photo that I stole from Cate of her setup, but then she made me take it out. Suffice to say, lots of monitors. Tons, even.

No, seriously Cate, that qualifies as "excessive".
So I'm like, "they are so going to think you really died this time, I'm gonna write something for you." And then she said, "I really don't want your crap showing up on my blog, but okay."

The only thing I was lacking was a topic- I think it's the thing that keeps most of us bloggers from posting every day. So I foisted that responsibility onto her, and she immediately came back with- and this is true- "murdering cats". This could just be because of that video that has gone viral (a term I had to actually explain to my computer programming husband) of that psycho b##ch* dumping the cat in the bin, but more likely it's because Tonya is causing chaos while Cate is trying to work from home. Probably because Cate stole Tonya's television for use as a monitor. Still, Tonya can't possibly be slowing things down as much as Cate's Drama Llama boss does.

So... murdering cats. I don't know too much on the subject.

The Bloggess says you can make mittens out of kittens. Possibly she is taking a slightly different stance since her dog died several days ago (which, by the way, is the sad thing that Cate sent me with the inappropriate emoticon).

My cat died a couple of years ago, but I did not murder him. I cannot stress that enough. True, we do not know what the actual cause was. But what kind of mother would leave the murdered family pet to be discovered by the children? Not even I am that bad a parent. No, seriously.

When I was little, we kept our pet bunnies out on the porch in a hutch. The neighbor dogs came over in the middle of the night and ripped them apart. I know that's not cats, but that absolutely qualifies as murder. Especially to a four year old.

And... I'm out. That's all the pet-slaughter I can wrap even my perverse brain around.

What a disgusting topic. Blame Cate.

*I censored myself! That's just for Cate because she doesn't swear. Here, anyway.

Note from Cate: This post submitted by SomeMonkey. She's totally saving my blogging arse (since I don't do that swearing thing here) lately. And all of my other collective arses as well. Also, I think I was supposed to actually insert a witty title. But I'm just THAT busy. Except, then she wasted even MORE of my work time by making me edit. Seriously, woman.


Toriz said...

*Looks rather concerned, and backs away from the laptop*

Debbi said...


this was a great ghost-written blog!!

I have murdered a few times: mice. Spiders. Ants with magnafying glasses. But I have never murdered any cats. Just sayin.