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Monday, August 23, 2010


Main Entry: ex·haust·i·cate
Pronunciation: \ig-'zȯst-ə-ˌkāt\
Function: verb

1: to tire Cate extremely or completely
2: to drain Cate of strength or energy, wear out, or fatigue greatly
3: to deprive Cate wholly of useful or essential properties

Definition #3 is my personal favorite. Yes, I'm completely exhausticated. Sometimes this is worse than migraine mumbles and I do stupid brilliant things like this:
SomeMonkey (after reading something sad I sent her): oh man. that's awful
me: yeah :)
me: omg worst typo EVER
SomeMonkey: snort
me: i meant :(
After traveling to see family and attend a reunion, I came home last Monday, did laundry, packed Joe's bags and sent him off before 5am the next morning for husband work training and then spent a day and a half cramming for a final exam. I then took the actual exam, stayed up too late on Thursday waiting for Joe to arrive back home, and jumped right into another weekend and another brand new class.

At least my typo was good for something:
SomeMonkey: well, it kept me from crying, so i vote it best typo ever
me: i WIN!
That's what a good friend does - takes your foot out of your mouth for you and laughs at it. Or something.

Anyways, there's been far too much exhaustication lately, which is why posts have been sparse. I need a week-long nap.

P.S. Just so you know, exhaustication isn't actually in the dictionary but I was determined to create a correct pronunciation guide. For when, you know, the masses want to use my word. How did I manage this amazing feat, you may ask? I combined pronunciations of two words. Exhaust and fornicate. Yeah. SomeMonkey assures me that this is the good kind of exhaustication so I guess it all works out.


Georgie Girl said...

Thank you and SomeMonkey for getting me to think about exhausting fornication on a Monday morning. :)

Princess Andy said...

i like this word.

i shall use it now in a sentence:

"children, mommy is too exhausticated to do ANYTHING for you other than provide microwave service...i suggest you utilize the rainy nights to launder your clothes."


soulbrush said...

hey cate, i love your new word and will definitelyb be using it too. somehow exhaustijossed just doesn't have the same ring. i missed my 6 word saturday as my granddaughter is visiting. and i am completely exhausticated!

The Brown Recluse said...

I am certainly hiding this new word from Ole Boy...for various reasons.

Toriz said...

Hmm... Interesting.

Moving swiftly away from the origin of the word... Sorry to hear you're having such a rough time. I hope things get better, and that you get the week long nap (wouldn't mind one of those myself).

Kaylen said...

I love this new word!!
Don't you wish that all life around you would just be put on hold for 5 days so you can catch up on things and SLEEP and read and have a long bath and take a stroll and eat lots of ice cream and cry during a girl movie?
Me too.