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Monday, September 13, 2010

New Friends Thanks to Social Networking

Over the years, I've met a lot of people online that I now consider to be close friends. Some I've met through chat rooms, others through message boards, more recently blogging and Twitter. It's only in the past few years that they've started calling it "social networking" and it's suddenly the "in" thing.

So this weekend, I signed up for a new site. They viciously hacked conveniently accessed my email contacts so I could become "friends" with other users on the site. These connections are then confirmed by email that states "you are now friends with...".

Now, first of all, that's kinda not accurate, is it? NOW I'm friends with them? No, I was friends with them before. Otherwise you wouldn't have set up the connection.

My favorite notification is when I get messages that "you are now friends with Joe McPuncherFace". As in my husband. When I mentioned to him that it's kind of funny to now be friends with him, he only scoffed. "We're married - being friends has nothing to do with it."

Umm, haha? I think?


Melinda said...

For my marriage I have to disagree. I feel like Chris and I are a good pair in part because we are friends. (We were friends for 2 years before we started dating.) However, that isn't for everyone.

I never really understood why social networks call contacts "friends."

Margaret said...

I don't understand when they are called friends when to find them you had to already know them...

C. Beth said...

Marriage...just long-term friends with benefits?

Toriz said...

Yeah, wording is often messed up with many sites.