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Friday, September 10, 2010

Ordinary Words, Unordinary Feelings

I've noticed that I'm starting to accumulate quite a list of words that others use quite freely but trigger a punch you in the face reaction from me. Often the twitchy reaction is started by one person's use of the word and it grows until any use of the word makes my blood pressure rise. For kicks and to save you from potential face-punchings, I thought I'd share a few today, along with how they've been used that makes me recoil in disgust.

hubby: "I only stay with my hubby because we decided whoever leaves has to take the kids and neither of us want them."

The first in a long line of words poisoned for me by my mother. She constantly refers to my father as her "hubby", usually while saying something demeaning about him or condescending to him. As a result, anytime I hear the word "hubby", it makes me think the husband involved is being verbally abused.

irked: "With your wedding coming up soon, this is the wrong time to have your father and I irked at you."

We'll let the improper use of "I" slide to focus on "irked". Why was she "irked"? Because I refused to let her forge my signature on a check that was coming in my name. "Irked" is definitely one of her key words and she overuses it.

lucky: "You and your husband are lucky you have such good jobs. Your sister and her husband haven't been that lucky."

Yes, luck. That is why we have our jobs. It has nothing to do with those college degrees, post-undergrad training, certifications, years of experience, relocating to areas with a lot of jobs in our industry, or Joe's MBA. My current school endeavors are apparently for grins and giggles.  And yes, my sister just isn't as "lucky" as us with her high school diploma, 6 months experience as a part-time grocery bagger, and location in the city where she grew up, which has no jobs. "Lucky" my arse.

acclimate: "I know you don't like it when I'm away but you're going to have to stop freaking out and get acclimated."

Really, husband? Really?!?! I realize, looking back, that it was silly of me to be so upset when he traveled. But to use the word "acclimate" on your upset spouse is not the most comforting approach. Though, I guess I'm "acclimated" now because I'm a-ok with him taking off occasionally.

I think I'll leave you with just those for now. I'll save some others for another post.

On an unrelated note, this is my second day at home as a student. The last two days at work were rough, ending with my car being rear-ended at a red light on the commute home last night. I'm fine and the car isn't even scratched. Still, sipping my coffee on the back porch while I ease into the books is not a bad gig.


Melinda said...

I know you are going to get irked at me for this but you are lucky I bother to come up with a way to use all the words you detest. Don't worry though because I plan to get acclimated to the face punching I will request my hubby dish out on your behalf.

The end.

Melinda said...

On a more serious note I am glad that you and your car are OK after getting rear-ended yesterday.

Jeanie said...

Hubby is an irksome(sorry) word to me mother association, I just don't like it.
Enjoy your study at home time and your "luck" to be able to do it.

Nancy said...

Hubby, irked, etc... I guess I'm so happy to get comments, as long as the sentiments are kind, I really don't mind which words are chosen.

Sarah said...

I prefer the rude comments.

Rabbit (aka Micael Chadwick) said...

I don't even have a list anymore.

Just the sound of flapping lips makes me want to start a random bout of throat punching while screaming "Towanda!!!"

Come to think of it, the sound of breathing irritates me to...

TMC said...

I think it's a touch strange for your mom to refer to your dad has hubby. Don't most moms say "dad" to their kids? I'm thinking she might be an insecure woman?

holly said...

hilarious. i loved the part about being lucky to have nice jobs. nothing gets me more upset than people w/o skills or work ethic thinking they to be a CEO.

also, Rabbit: you made me laugh out loud. I think we're in the same boat: the boat where everyone not on it sucks.

C. Beth said...

Ooh, my "hubby" tweets must get on your nerves! :)