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Thursday, September 30, 2010


me: EEEEK!!! There's totally a snake out there on the ground!
Joe: Where?
me: RIGHT THERE!!! (cue frantic pointing out our hotel window)
Joe: That's not a snake.
me: How do you know?
Joe: We're on the 6th floor. It's a cable or something.
Pffft. Whatever. Like snakes can't get to the 6th floor.

However, since it's still there today, I might have to concede that is it, in fact, NOT a snake. Or that maybe it's a dead snake. Yeah, it must be a dead snake. No way Joe's allowed to be right.


Brooklyn Book Lover said...

Husband's are never right! :-)

C. Beth said...

Looks like a snake to me. Or a big slug. Or an eel. Or a piece of shredded tire.

Diane said...

Still coulda been..... right?!?!?! :O)

Jeanie said...

A dead snake is a good snake.
For Joe to be right or at least do right he should have gone down to check it out....after all, you were a damsel in distress.

Sassy Britches said...

Oh, BOY! Maybe it's a newt!

Toriz said...

Snakes could easily get up that high if they wanted to. I'm sure of it!

Besides, if slugs can manage to turn in to mashed potato then I see no reason why a snake can't be pretending to be a cable!

The Wife O Riley said...

Looks like a snake to me!

Kaylen said...

Snakes are masters of disguise!