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Monday, September 20, 2010

Wedding Photography

Last week, a friend posted pictures of her wedding on Facebook. A lot of the photos were really lovely. And then there was this:

Note: This is not my friend's actual photo - I took this from a free stock photo site.

Every set of wedding photos I see lately has a photo like this. (Also, every jumping shot always has that one person who jumps awkwardly STRAIGHT up like a plank and just looks kinda dumb.) I suppose they are jumping for joy.

Umm, what? When's the last time *you* jumped for joy? Because I don't think I ever have. Sure, I've Snoopy-danced for joy. I've been known to eeeeeeeee for joy. It's possible I've even fist-pumped for joy.

This leads me to conclude that they must be jumping for other reasons.

Like fire!
Photographer: Jump, girls! Or those fancy dresses you're never going to wear again anyways are going to catch on FIRE!!!

Or maybe psycho killer rats! You can always tell psycho killer rats from regular rats based on the glowing.

Surely there must be a more logical reason for all that jumping...

Ahh, yes. My friend had her wedding during Shark Week. That explains everything.

P.S. To my photographer friends - any idea what this is all about? Also, I still think you do awesome work. Just don't ever ask me to jump. Because it's entirely possible that I may tell you to go jump.


Melinda said...

I don't think that what I would respond with would include "jump." Maybe "go" but defiantly something other than "jump."

Toriz said...

I've never known people to jump for joy for real either. The only logical reason I can think why people should have photos of people jumping is if they are either having their photo taken on a trampoline, jumping off something, or jumping over something while having their photo taken. Otherwise it's just plain stupid.

And - for the record - someone tells me to jump for the sake of it, and I'll be telling them to go jump too. I'm not jumping just to make it look like I'm really excited. If people can't tell that from looking at me anyway, then that's their problem, not mine.

TMC said...

i suppose they think they're being original.

i'm surprised you didn't do one with them all being punched in the face. :)

C. Beth said...

Ha ha! I like your ideas (and I like your illustrations even more.)

I must say I'm totally impressed at the vertical that bride's got. I can barely get an inch and a half off the floor when I jump.

holly said...

Jumping photos are sooo stupid. Even me saying "sooo" isn't as stupid as they are.