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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

What a Start

I'm going to go ahead and warn you right now that this post includes references to slight ickiness that you may or may not want to read over breakfast. Or ever.

Today begins my status as a part-time employee, full-time student. I only work two days this week, with yesterday being a holiday and the remaining two days devoted to classwork.

I awoke early with great plans! On most of my class days, I intend to wake up at the same time I would wake up for work. Sure, I could indulge and sleep in but that's not the point of this part-time employment. So this morning, I started off well, waking up around 6:45 and out of bed by 7am. I created my task list for the day, including two more units of my PR class.

As I prepared coffee and a light breakfast-to-go for the husband, it all took a turn for the worse when Tonya came flying down the stairs like her tail was on fire. She decided to put that fire out by scooting her furry little booty across the (new!) carpet. Apparently she missed the memo that the (new!) carpet is NOT Charmin. I yelled and chased her back upstairs, where I held her down as Joe cleaned her up. The entire time, she cursed and screamed serenaded us with some lovely songs of thanksgiving.

It was while I stood in the bathroom holding Tonya for her impromptu booty-bath that I looked over and discovered that Rusty had decided to poo in the tub again. Awesome.

So far, my first day as part-time employee, full-time student has involved a cat bath, scrubbing cat poo out of the bathtub, and using my miraculous BFF (pictured at right) to scrub multiple spots on the (new!) carpet. All before 7:30.

It can only get better from here, right? RIGHT?!?!? ZOMGPBANDJANDBBQ YOU HAVE TO TELL ME I'M RIGHT!!!!

P.S. As I prepared to click "publish" on this post, I heard a crash from upstairs. Where Tonya is hanging out because Joe has already gotten the hell out of Dodge abandoned me with the fur-devils dutifully departed for work. If I'm not back in ten minutes, assume I am murdering cats. And please send help and gin.

P.P.S. This post was not sponsored or endorsed by Bissell. But I'm totally willing to be their spokeswoman. Call me!


Kathy said...

Damn cats...but you gotta' love 'em, right? Only a fellow "cat lover" would understand--and I do! Imagine my thrill on Saturday when my husband decided to get stupid and play with our granddaughter-by chasing her with the vaccum cleaner! This sent my cat "Bobs" into rocket mode, and she scratched the leather couch as she launched off for "take off". I don't know who I wanted to hurt more--the cat or the husband! Have a great day, Cate!

Caty said...

My cat is named Lucy and her middle name is fur...if that gives you any idea of her personality and havoc wreaking. She makes me late every morning cleaning up! this week alone, I've had to clean up a 6ft lamp she knocked over and smashed everywhere along with her cat food and water that she dumped all over the floor. Talk about a soggy mess. I completely understand your pain! :)

TMC said...

Cats are awesome.

Diane said...

Funny! :O)

Margaret said...

I hate when my cats do that! It drives me insane!!!

C. Beth said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!

Reading your blog makes me glad I don't have cats.

I wonder if my blog does the same for people who don't have kids? Does it? :)

kkrige said...

Yes, damn cats, as Kathy says. I have two and wonder why when I find mysterious wet spots in truly inappropriate places (bath mats are always fair game for them & my daughter's dirty clothes is a new favourite spot). Delightful little critters...

Melinda said...

Let's put my dog and your cats together and ship them off down the river together. If it wasn't for our Bissell carpet cleaner Mason would be pug sausage by now.

silver star said...

I don't know which cracked me up more, the post or the labels? I'm waiting on my cat to do something similar, yesterday I went to the store and couldn't find unscented litter (the scented stuff aggravates my husband's asthma) so the litterbox is dirty, and when it is, she takes her business somewhere else.

Toriz said...

That sucks!

Things had to get better... They did, right?