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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bus Stop

I'd just like to preface this post by saying I'm not REALLY that person. The cranky old one that shakes my fist and tells those kids to get off my lawn. That would imply that I a) care about my lawn and b) have enough free time to shake my fist at anyone but the cat.

So, I realize that our home is at the end of the subdivision. I realize the sidewalk is on our side of the street. I realize that this is the logical place for children to await bus pickup.

That's all fine. But is it too much to ask...

...that those lovely children talk in a normal tone of voice, rather than screaming and hollering at high decibels before 7am?

...that parents don't glare at me when I look both ways and carefully pull out of my garage as if I'm driving far too fast and deliberately trying to mow down their little angels?

...that those same parents don't sit in their big stupid vehicles IN FRONT of my driveway either blocking me in, or out, and then act inconvenienced when they have to move to allow me access to my property?

...that since that they're out there anyways, maybe they could bring up my paper, mow my lawn, and weed the garden?

Maybe that last one is a bit much. But I don't think it's unreasonable to ask for the first three.

At least we got them to quit eating pears off our pear tree without asking first. By cutting it down. BWAHAHAHA.

P.S. That's not why we cut the pear tree down. And we didn't really mind. Except it would've been nice if they had asked.


Melinda said...

Two word for you that will cure this problem: Electric Fence. Another option would be sprinkler system set to go off at 7am and "mistakenly" always spray the sidewalk as well as the grass. Just saying. They will move that bus stop pretty fast.

C. Beth said...

Nah, not expecting too much. Even the lawn-mowing. Lawn-mowing builds character. I've never mown a lawn in my life. Draw your own conclusion there.

(Ha ha, love Melinda's sprinkler idea.)

Toriz said...

1st one... Not gonna happen. Kids = noise. Sorry and all that.

2nd and 3rd ones... Would be nice, but unlikely to happen.

4th one... Yeah, that's so not going to happen. You have more chance of the kids standing there totally silent while the parents politely apologise for any inconvenience to you than you do of them bringing up your paper, mowing your lawn, etc.

Princess Andy said...

the sprinkler is a great idea...but i'm not sure that it goes with an electric fence.

you know, water and electricity not mixing and all that?

so i'd go with one or the other.

and it's not like you'd need to have the electric fence set at a very high charge. just a little "zap" to stun them momentarily.

reason #156874 why i love living in the country.


Caty said...

I love the idea of a sprinkler...that would be hilarious. But that might not stop them from screaming, especially as they get drenched by cold water at 7am every morning...but it may make them wait further away!

Joanie M said...

Yup. The sprinkler system is an excellent idea!!! Melinda, you are brilliant!

Burciko said...

Hi! Lovely blog!!
New follower!
Hope you stop by too! ;)

Kaylen said...

I don't think children know how to be quiet at the bus stop. The sprinkler is the best idea. The second best idea is a big scary dog. Maybe two of them.
Moms who block your driveway should most definitely be bitten-by you or the dog, doesn't matter.

B said...

Our corner is the bus stop too. I always say I'm going to put a garbage can because they leave behind an awful lot of crap behind when they board the bus.

One girl got stung by a bee and it was somehow our fault. We didn't know a hive had been burrowed in the ground! And from what I can tell, if she hadn't been in our yard she wouldn't have stepped on it and disturbed it in the first place! (not that I ever want anyone getting stung or hurt, but please, how the hell was this my fault?)