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Friday, October 08, 2010

Punch Awards: My Body Sucks

It's that time again! Mostly because I'm having trouble forming coherent sentences. So instead, you get this.

Dearest Thing Growing on my Chin,

I'm way too old for this pimple. Despite the fact that it is very 1993, it does not make me look younger - it makes me look diseased.

Not enough concealer in the world,

Dear Plague,

Have you seen my to-do list? What about my class due dates? Maybe the travel schedule? Perhaps you missed them and just do not realize that this girl doesn't have time to be dealing with the crud you have inflicted upon her poor, tired body.

It would be nice if you could leave me now. I need sleep. I need to stop coughing. I need to focus on my tasks instead of staring at the screen blankly like a moron.


Dear Hair,

I'm still not entirely sure that you aren't conspiring against me. The things you are doing on top of my head are no less alarming now than they were two weeks ago.

Can't we all just get along,


Joanie M said...

That thing on your chin? It's your inner teenager trying to escape!

Feel better!!!

Jeanie said...

I always like to think of a pimple as a sign of youth, but that is hard to do when I have a pimple and wrinkles on the same face. Sigh!

Princess Andy said...

i'm sorry about your hair; my hair has hated my face since FOREVER.

PLUS, i've just discovered that i have grey hair because i haven't had the time, energy, or funds to "get 'er done" for the past two or so months.

i am so disgustingly letting myself go but i don't have the heart to stop eating all the oreos.

C. Beth said...

I agree with Jeanie--not fair at ALL to have both pimples and wrinkles!

Hope you are feeling better soon. :(

Leslie said...

Get better soon!!! I'm sick of coughing too. :(