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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Smelly Co-worker

Looks like an unintentional theme week is happening. Because this is only my second post this week and it's again about work so, umm, welcome to Crazy Co-Worker Week at ShowMyFace! I should have a button or something. Hang on...

runs off, Muppet-style

Give me a break, it's the best I could do on such short notice. And I don't have access to my fancy button files.


We have this guy that works a few days a week. Nice guy. Young guy. And a few weeks ago, he came to my office door, sniffing. He tells me he smelled something and had to know what it was and he's determined it's me. What's that lovely smell?

Now, I am relieved that if I'm going to be the source of ANY smell, that it be a "lovely" one. However, as someone very sensitive to strong odors, pleasant or not, I'm also very careful not to exude any. For example - I don't wear perfume. My favorite smell is "clean".

We eventually determined that the scent is from my hand lotion. Japanese Cherry Blossom from Bath and Bodyworks, in case you're interested. I chose it because it was such a light scent. We also determined that my co-worker has a super-sniffer.

Had this been a one time thing, I would not be blogging about it. But every day I'm in the office, sometimes multiple times in one day (because I reapply my hand lotion after washing my hands), he comes to my office to "smell" me. Like this morning:
co-worker: Morning Cate, how you doing?
me: Just fine, Jared. How are you?
co-worker: (after making a big show of inhaling through his nose) I'm doing great, now!
I know I tend to be a bit weirded out by attention but come on... Tell me that's not just strange!

P.S. Do I even have to say this? No, this post is not in anyway sponsored nor was I compensated for it. Except that I wrote it on company time so technically I suppose they compensated me as I wrote it, but not FOR writing it. And I don't work for Bath and Bodyworks. And I wouldn't say I endorsed my co-worker either, unless he is applying secretly for jobs that involve his sense of smell. In which case I will gladly recommend him.


TMC said...

I know that stuff! It does smell lovely!

Rebecca Jo said...

That is so much better then someone smelling you & running away! :)

The PS section cracked me up!!! :)

And love the "button" you made up...

Eternal Lizdom said...

Buy him his own bottle of it so he stops sniffing you!

Princess Andy said...

ahhh, creepy mccreeperson!

i'd ask him if he wanted to smell my armpits next.


Melinda said...

I loved your disclaimer!

I agree with Eternal Lizdom, get him his own so he can stop sniffing you. Correct me if I am wrong, but sniffing someone in the workplace might be considered sexual harassment. That is, unless you like it. But I am guessing you don't.

C. Beth said...

So when I was at Kellogg's* they were saying some people DO have super senses of smell. He should work for their Sensory Department.**

*This comment is not sponsored by Kellogg's.

**Yes, they really have a Sensory Department.

Karen Sather said...

I don't mind a buzz about Bath and Body Works, they have incredible stuff. I'd take his compliments with a smile for now....we all need ups in our lives...but if it begins to become further creepier....

Jeanie said...

I think he sounds like a weird creep. I would keep my distance.
I do love the new button. I don't even know how to "do" a button, co I'm coming to you if I find I need one.

FreeFlying said...

Aw. He needs a friend. A lot of them if his desperation level is any indication.

Sarah said...

Recommend him for a new job just to get him the hell out of your workplace, good nose or not.

This is where I'd insert my blog url if i gave a damn... and it wasn't already linked through my name. Like everyone's.

Caty said...

I love the smell of Japanese cherry blossom.