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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Attention! The NaBloPoMo of Gratitude... not feeling very grateful today.

I'm thankful for... days that last only 24 hours so we can start fresh tomorrow.

Though that makes me wonder - what's so special about a "new day" as opposed to a "new hour" or a "new minute"? Why do we waste so much time waiting for a new day or a new week or a new month?

Maybe it has to do with sleep.


Princess Andy said...

i. heart. sleep.

that is all.

no, not really...i think that if people were to start every minute/hour fresh it would cause cataclysmic chaos.

so there.


Diane said...

I hear ya. I have that same thankfulness on many days. :O)

Grand Pooba said...

Hey Princess Andy, what the hell does cataclysmic even mean?

Toriz said...

I think it could be the sleep thing. I think it's the idea of, "let's get some rest, clear our minds, then try another day... Maybe then it will be better?"