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Monday, November 15, 2010

Destination: Resignation

A NaBloPoMo of Gratitude that has been LONG in the making... This is the Ambiguous Gratitude I mentioned last week.

After a weekend alone, I've been able to wrap my head around things enough to blog about it, at least a little bit.

As I write this, at home on a class day, my boss is telling the rest of my department at work that I turned in my resignation on Friday. He will then email all of the other department directors, and by the time I go into the office tomorrow, I expect it will be widely known.

It wasn't an easy decision. I've been at that job for almost ten years. During that time, I've taken my position from small and narrow to large and in-charge. But due to politics and selfish agendas, my duties have narrowed once more and I'm no longer in control. All of this while I'm taking my classes and growing excited about all of the possibilities out there that I want so much to explore. That's the professional side of my resignation.

I was gearing up to leave anyways, eventually. Emotional abuse, unnecessary stress, the drama llama... The mental and physical toll it has all taken on my well-being is ridiculous. And it all came to a head two weeks ago with a completely avoidable incident that resulted in the head honcho (CEO-equivalent, my boss's boss's boss) forcing me to work on a class day. To sum it up, he knew he had promised something on a certain date, but he didn't bother communicating that to me or anyone else, and when he was told I wasn't working that day, he said he didn't care and it had to be done RIGHT THEN regardless.

Maybe it doesn't sound like much. But it is the second major interruption I've had of my classwork. And after years and years, it was my breaking point.

So on Friday, I turned in my resignation. My last day will be November 29th. It wasn't an easy decision but after talking with Joe and considering all of our options, it seemed like the only decision.

I'm sharing it here, but I won't be sharing it with my family. I don't have it in me to deal with their questions and concerns and judging right now. What matters is that I am confident in my decision, my husband supports me, and financially, we can afford to do give me this break before I breakdown any more.

For all this, I am thankful. And (because it can't be said enough) to all of you who have supported me through the craziness of work over the years and especially my Twitter-freaking over the past few months, I appreciate that you support me in ways that my family never has and never will. The last couple of weeks have been an especially trying time to find myself committed to a month of thankfulness on my blog, but I'll be able to end the month on a high note.

What's next for me? Stay tuned...

P.S. Just a reminder to those of you on Facebook - please don't mention it there. I *really* don't want the family reading it.


silver star said...

You did what was best for you, I hope your family realizes this. Good luck with everything.

Melinda said...

I am so happy that you are able to do this for you and to go after the life and job you want/deserve. Good luck to you and I will be sending you support and good vibes to get through the next two weeks.

Jeanie said...

It sounds like you have made the right decision for you. No job is worth being abused. Good luck with all your hopes going forward.

Linda said...

People need to do things like that when they feel led. My husband was in management at his company for about 25 years, and he was not satisfied there anymore and did not approve of many things going on, so he volunteered for layoff and then went ahead and retired. It was all God's perfect timing, and everything has worked out wonderfully. I pray that everything will work out well for you too Cate.

C. Beth said...

I am really excited for you. :)

Eternal Lizdom said...

I've seen people just about kill themselves staying in an unhealthy job situation. I admire you for recognizing when it was time to stop.

Door shuts, window opens and all that jazz. Life will take you where you are supposed to go next!

Toriz said...

What's important is that you are happy with the choice you have made. If you are happy, then I'm happy for you!

Besides, with everything they make you deal with at work, I don't really blame you!

April Mechelle said...

I was where you are 2 years ago. I had been working for this company for 7 years. I did EVERYTHING ! I had it with mental games. I just one day walked out and never looked back. This was a company owned by 4 family members. So I had 4 different bosses.. If you can imagine what that is like. GOOD LUCK !!!

Diane said...

If you and your husband are in agreement and you feel peace about it, then it is for the best. Good luck! Something else will come along when the time is right. :O)

The Brown Recluse said...


Leslie said...

In the end, a job is not worth your health. I was in a similar situation where I DREADED going to work. Good luck with everything - I wish you all the best!!