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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am thankful for... opportunities.

Two days ago, my department at work hosted a "wake" for me. You know - a celebration of my accomplishments and wishing me well. Everyone was all somber like I was dying when really I feel like I'm just starting to live. They were all so sorry to see me go (then why were you such a PITA to work with for the last almost-decade?) and countless times I was asked the same question - what's next?

It's a good question, really. I'm sure many of them expected me to say I had accepted another position elsewhere. I think my boss put it out there that I was going to be in school full-time, which is a nice face-saving strategy on his part, except they all know he's a nightmare to work for, lying right up to the end.

So, what IS next? I'll finish classes in just under two weeks. I'll put the house and my life back in order - things aren't bad but I've rarely felt this out of control. I'll do some reading and some relaxing. Enjoy the holidays. And then after the first of the year...

I have no idea, really. I just know that it will be something new. Maybe I'll consult. Maybe I'll head back to the corporate world. Maybe I can find a great non-profit that needs my skills.

Whatever is next, it will be something new. It's a little scary and a lot exciting. And much needed. I'm really grateful to have the ability to take this step back, regroup, and figure out what works for me.


Melinda said...

Good for you! You have an amazing attitude and I just know that you will find something that fulfills you in a way that old job never could.

C. Beth said...

This post just sounds so positive and centered! I'm happy for you.

Love the "wake" idea too!!

Caty said...

good luck with your new adventures!

Toriz said...

As someone told me recently... "Grab any oppertunities with both hands."

Funny how people don't seem to care if you're around until you're leaving. Perhaps now that you're going they are thinking about how much you did, and how stupid they were not to appreciate it when you were there?