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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Small Children

Day 3 of NaNoFoSho NoShoMoFo gratitude month. I wasn't sure what I wanted to be grateful for today. Not that I'm grumpy or lacking in options, but nothing felt quite right.

Then I got an email from my sister's photo account, alerting me to new photos of the niece and nephew. Yay, Halloween! Except, Collin? Not so much yay. More like there is no way I am going to pull up the hood on this suit to make me look like a monkey and I hate you for even making me put on the rest of it. Ahh, 2.5 year olds.

Caley, on the other hand? She was dressed as a pea pod. An outfit so overdone for small children that I'm sure you've all seen it. For reference, see photo at right. (Note: that is some random baby, not my niece) Only Caley is an active little critter and 10 months old, standing and trying to walk, so her feet were freer.

Anyways, the first photo of Caley only had the hat part on her head. And her grin just screamed OMG, do you see this thing on my head? It's like the best thing in the ENTIRE WORLD!!! Every picture of this kid is like that. The biggest most maniacal grin. Pure joy. Even the photo where she's eating a sock, she's smiling like it's her birthday, she just won the lottery, AND she has found the answer to world peace.

And so today, I am thankful for... the absolute glee on my niece's face, like every day is a gift and every moment an adventure. I wish we didn't lose that joy as we grow into adults. And I wish that little munchkin lived closer because I miss the hell out of her.


Melinda said...

Hmmm...So you do have a soft side. I knew it!

Princess Andy said...

i love this actually makes me want to cry because i totally "get it".

where do we lose that joy? i adore the innocence of children...and i hate that very few of us get to adulthood without a few good life punches to start the screwed-up-edness.

i can imagine how much joy you got from seeing the pictures...i'm happy for you:)

lately i've noticed that if i just stop and engage with my kids instead of always rush rush rush it makes me feel so happy inside...and i don't ever want them to be damaged, really i want to put them all in bubbles.

but that would probably be a lot of upkeep.


C. Beth said...

SO sweet. I love it. Maybe that's one of the reasons little ones are remind us to be joyful.

Toriz said...

My little niece is like that. No matter what, that little baby is practically always smiling. Sure, she has the odd moment where she's a bit grizzly... Who doesn't have times like that? But even with the frustration of trying to learn to crawl, the pain of teeth cutting, and all those other things that happen to 7 month old babies, that kid has a smile on her face!

It's a shame the same pleasure felt by many babies, and some young children, doesn't carry on in to adulthood as a rule. I hope it does with Caley and Emma-Jane... Then maybe they can spread the joy! :)

Karen Sather said...

If you want happiness and yes drool spend it with those that haven't been harden by life them everyday is just another joy ride! Yay for keeping our life as fresh and exciting as a 2.5 year old...!

Kaylen said...

Very sweet!!
I love the description of your neice's happiness. I can't remember the last time I felt that way.
Sober, I mean....cause I can get to that feeling quite easily with just the right amount of booze.

Caty said...

aww, she sounds sweet! I love that unconditional joy of a small child. wish we could figure out how to keep it too.