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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Stayin' Alive

I am thankful for... The BeeGees. Perked me right up on a rainy drive into work this morning.

Do NOT judge me. I don't judge YOU out loud to your face about your love of Harry Potter and Twilight.


Melinda said...

If that was directed at me...HA! I like Staying Alive too! :-P In fact, I think they should add that song to the Harry Potter and Twilight movies. It could be like the background music through the whole movie...especially the sparkling parts.

Joanie M said...

I like the Bee Gees and Harry Potter, but have no desire to see or read any of the Twilight movies/books.

Juniper said...

I'd take the Beegees over Harry Potter & Twilight, any time! :-)

Night fever, night feverrr!

Dianne said...

No Harry Potter for me, but I do enjoy the Bee Gees. (No Twilight books/movies either)

C. Beth said...

I know you judge me for my love of sci-fi, but I don't listen to the judgment of mere mortals.

Toriz said...

No judgement from me. Not because you don't judge me for my love of Harry Potter and Twilight - what's wrong with Harry Potter and Twilight, anyway? - But because I see no issue with your music choice! :)