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Friday, November 12, 2010


NaBloPoMo of Gratitude, Captain Obvious-style.

I'm thankful for... Friday!!!!

We've reached the end of what has been a very stressful ten days for me. Classes and work have been non-stop deadlines, demands, and drama.

Now it's Friday. Joe's meeting me for lunch at a park nearby. At 5pm, I start a three-day weekend. And I even have some time to myself since Joe will be on the road for a 10k.

So TGIF, people! Hope your weekend is made of awesome!


Joanie M said...

Have a good, relaxing weekend!

My weekends are Sunday and Wednesday. Weird, huh!

Weirder, still.... our weeks go from Tuesday to Monday.

C. Beth said...

Friday, and a long weekend with time alone...sounds great. :)

Juniper said...

Enjoy your long weekend and Me Time :-)