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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Unconditional Love and Acceptance

I'm thankful for... a husband that loves me unconditionally and accepts me for who I am.

Or, at least I think I'm thankful for that. Sometimes, it concerns me a bit that he really thinks I'm that crazy.

For example, we had this conversation yesterday:
me: Here's a link to that watercolor I bought.
Joe: Watercolor? You bought a watercolor!
me: Yeah, I told you about it. I told you I had two glasses of wine and got all excited and begged someone to let me buy their watercolor. And you even acknowledged me and said that was fine.
Joe: I thought you said you bought a water cooler.
me: What the...?
Joe: I thought you were going to miss the one at work so you bought one for the house.
me: But I told you it was only $25.
Joe: I just thought you found a really awesome deal!
So, yay that Joe was totally okay with me purchasing a water cooler, to the point that he didn't even question it. Just, okay, woohoo, you bought a water cooler!

Acceptance of my crazy is grand, though I really wonder if he thinks I'm more screwed up than I actually am. Or maybe he just has a more accurate reading of my crazy and I think I'm not all that bad but in reality I'm some freakshow who goes around excitedly buying water coolers on the internet.

Or maybe I'm reading far too much into this and Joe just needs to have his hearing checked.


SisterFriend said...

I think Joe is the nutty one in this situation. Remember, this is a man who doesn't think fish is meat. I'd still get his hearing checked.

TortugaRachel said...

Bwahahahaha! Yeah, he needs his hearing checked. It's ok to be crazy anyway, all the cool people are!

Melinda said...

Either way Joe is pretty awesome. He wouldn't care if you bought a water cooler or a watercolor as long as it made you happy. Now that is what I call awesome people.

Mim said...

he does sound rather accepting! lovely

Toriz said...

I wouldn't worry about it. Whatever the case, he loves you, he lets you buy random things you decide to buy when you've had a few glasses of wine, so just smile and nod, and pretend you don't care that he either thinks - or knows - you're nuts! ;)

Princess Andy said...

i'd go with your last choice...i constantly have to remind myself that men don't think about a lot, period.

add that to us women over thinking EVERYTHING and it is a disaster of divorce-er-ific proportions.

no, not really. video gaming caused my was absolutely NOT my crazy.


Kaylen said...

Ha - funny!
I thought you were going to miss the water cooler...

Dave and Tami said...

I love this story! A hubby who accepts you - weird and all - is a tremendous blessing. I have one myself - and there's a lot of "weird" for him to accept.

We also have that "I thought you said..." problem. The older we get the more we really need to be in the same room, face-to-face when we talk or there's lots of "huh?" and "What?"