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Friday, December 10, 2010

Almost Done!

I'll return to the regularly ignored scheduled #reverb10 prompts sonish, but for now, a little update on me. Because it's my blog. Were you expecting an update on someone else? Sorry to disappoint. Go read their blog then.

Monday and Tuesday, I handed in all of my final papers for the semester. And despite losing big points on two of them for things that I think are completely ridiculous, I ended all three Fall courses with an A. Go me!

That's not a brag. I hope it doesn't come off braggy. That's more of a - you all listened to me whine but it's because I was working seriously hard and look it paid off! So really, it's more of a thank you. Yeah, that's it.

All that stands between me and program completion right now is my self-paced PR course. I should've had it done months ago but it took a backseat to the crazyfest that has been my life since August. I'll be mailing my final project for that course early next week and then next Thursday morning I sit for the proctored exam. Which sounds a lot dirtier than it is. I think I confuse proctor with prostate but I don't have one of those so it's all good.

It felt good to scribble out an actual blog post just now, as opposed to a response to some prompt that I'm feeling or not feeling. I think my recent commitment to daily prompt thingys is just a carry-over from the whole structured assignment feeling of classes. I much prefer this sorta thing. Look for more of it!

In other news, 15 days until Christmas and I'm completely NOT done with anything for anyone. Except the niece and nephew because I bought them ridiculously adorable hats from C. Beth, who not only blogs but also runs and crochets. But probably not all at the same time. Unless she's way more talented than I realized, and considering I already think she's pretty talented, that would just be somehow unfair to the rest of us.

Have a lovely Friday, folks! And stay warm. Because I don't know about weather where you are but Tonya is freezing off her whiskers to the point of desperation. Aka sleeping on the bed with me at night.


C. Beth said...

You have done SO well and worked SO hard for it! Yaaay! I bet the PR project will be awesome too.

Hooray for a blog post from the heart. :)

And thanks for the shout-out! :-D

Jeanie said...

Congrats on the "A"s and on all the moving forward. It sounds like you feel good about lots of things.

Joanie M said...

Congrats on those As and you go right ahead and brag! You earned them!

Juniper said...

Well done on the A!!

And I much prefer non-structured blog posts that are You :-)


Toriz said...

Go you on the classes! Hope you do as well on the other exam. And, you can brag a bit if you want. People who get As are allowed to brag just a little. Besides, this is your blog. ;)

I'm thinking using crochet hooks and running at the same time would probably not be a good plan, so if she does do both at once, then I'd rather be out of the way when she's doing it. ;)

It's really cold here too. Kero (Westie dog) has come up with a great plan for keeping warm though. It involves making himself a blanket nest in between hubby and I. I wouldn't mind, but this plan of his involves a severe shortage of both bed and blanket for hubby and myself, meaning that while he's warm and cosy and happy, we're freezing our butts off. A couple of times I've persuaded him he needs a pee and quickly taken him out for one just so hubby can have time to put the blankets right, and we can both dive for the bed and get some space before we lose the bed to the dog. OMG! Imagine if he was a big dog!