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Sunday, December 26, 2010

How I Measure Christmas Success

Today is December 26th, safely the day AFTER Christmas. Looking back (all the way to yesterday), I thought I'd weigh the pros and cons to see if Christmas was a success.

What unit of measurement did I choose? Dollars spent? Cards mailed? Smiles on gift recipients? Laughs shared?

No. The best measurement of Christmas success is dependent on only one thing:

That damn song about the shoes. You know the one. I've mentioned it before.

And no, I didn't hear it. I was afraid the few times I went into stores where I was at the mercy of their mood music but they spared me the horror. I didn't even hear it on the radio.

So by my standards, Christmas was a huge success. Yay!


The Brown Recluse said...

I didn't hear that song, either...although I wouldn't have minded too badly. I didn't see the movie on this year, but as I was flipping through the channels, I saw they'd made a sequel to it. No, I didn't watch it.

Joanie M said...

That song gets me every time! Now that you mention it, i haven't hard it lately.

InspiredDreamer said...

BWA-HA-HA!! Oh my goodness we are kindred spirits. I think I've actually gone two years without hearing it. You're right, if nothing else, that makes it a success! :)

Have an Extraordinary Day!

Princess Andy said...

i heard it...i think the day before christmas.

of course, i thought of you straight away.

then i stabbed myself in the ear.


Jazzbumpa said...

I've never even hard OF that song. Sounds truly ghastly.

The one I can't stand is "Little Drummer Boy." I cannot put into words how much I hate that God Damned thing.


Toriz said...

Hmmm... OK! Well, I'm glad you had a great Christmas! :)