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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why I Failed at #reverb10

Maybe "fail" is too strong of a word. Maybe "chose not to continue participating" is more accurate.

When December began, I had great intentions of spending the month putting my thoughts in order so I could form a plan of attack for the future. Newly unemployed, only my final papers and one final exam stood between me and a quiet, thoughtful mind. That meant the #reverb10 challenge of "reflect and manifest" was perfect for me. Thinking back and planning to move forward, just how I intended to spend my entire month of December.

Except, that didn't happen. Between the holidays and my last exam dragging out to the 20th, it looks more like January will be my time to start manifesting. To be honest, I'm a bit tired of looking back. I've learned a lot from the past and I don't intend to forget those lessons, but I'm ready for action.

So I'm officially letting myself off the #reverb10 hook. I think a lot of people were blessed by it. Some of the prompts were great and I have given them off-blog attention.

In the next few days, I'll set some goals for next year and choose my official word for 2011. Such a funny looking number, 2011. But I've decided to embrace it and make it my year. I'm ready!


~Sarah~ said...

I like some of the prompts, but the entire thing is a little much. It's good to be reflective in your life, but time marches on whether you're staring backwards or forward. Here's to a kick-butt January for you!

MarjnHomer said...

i haven't been here in so long and it feels good to be back..hope all is good. and hope to see you around on my new site

C. Beth said...

I think letting ourselves off the hook can be a very good thing, especially when the "hook" really doesn't have any rightful claim on us. If you'd enjoyed it, great, but since it wasn't right for you, fine. Hope 2011 is awesome...with minimal stress!

Princess Andy said...

i don't know if i'll ever NOT be a "work in progress".

i like the idea of reflecting, but i'm not sure i'd like to go back to past life events...some of them totally sucked ass.

and as long as you and your awesome-ness are in my future? 'tis all good in the hood!


Karen S. said...

The universe is made of stories, not atoms....Muriel Ruykeyser
Much luck into next year and may you be blessed with happiness to follow you everywhere you go...cuz all you need is to relish life, nothing more than that....what will be will happy is as happy is! -Karen

Toriz said...

Don't look back... Just look forward!