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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Room for Improvement

Alternate title: How Protecting My Cats From A Mouse Has Made My Week Lame

Remember when we were young(er) and the teacher would kindly say there was "room for improvement" in certain areas?

And remember way back at the start of this year on Monday when I declared my desire to be better?

Since writing that post, 2011 has been mocking me seen fit to set the bar a bit low so "better" seems very attainable. Nothing major has happened. In fact, nothing has really happened at all. But the past few days have felt kind of rough, meaning there's lots of room to achieve better without much effort.

It all started Sunday night, I suppose, when Rusty started acting weird in the kitchen. I lowered myself to the floor, pressing my head against the ground to see what he was looking for - a toy perhaps? MOUSE!!! Running at my face!!! I had no idea I could go from flat on the floor to the top of the counter so swiftly while emitting very high decibel shrieks.

Tuesday, the pest control people came and put out a bunch of traps. We had discussed options at length because of the cats but the guy insisted the poison bait traps were the best bet and safe around kitties. Later that evening, we heard the mouse chomping on the poison. I felt sad about choosing a rather inhumane option.

Cue complete meltdown. Because as I thought about the chemical effects on the mouse, I started to think about the chemical effects on the cats. And what if the cat ate the mouse? And OMG my cats are going to die now because I chose the poison traps and payback is totally a bitch and I so totally deserve for my cats to die!

Obviously, the only reasonable option was for me to stay awake all night to make sure the cats did not eat the mouse. Because our kitties are not the kind who approve of being locked in their kitty crates overnight. I made it to 3am before dozing off just a bit, only to be awakened by the mouse gnawing very angrily on the poison block again. Zombie killer mouse, back from the dead to eat my face! I threw the kitties in their cages and crawled into bed.

This meant zombie sleepy Cate with a killer headache all day yesterday. This is already too long but last night involved locking the cats in our bedroom, which lasted less than 2 hours before we had to put them in their cages again because they were being evil. No idea what the status of the mouse is this morning.

I slept better last night and feel better today. I plan to workout for awhile, write for awhile, do housework for awhile. Better in every way. Room for improvement, indeed.


Kathy said...

Hi, just stopping by to say Happy New Year. I was sick and out of blogging for a while, so I'm playing catch up.

I laughed when you wrote that the kitties were being evil...They do have a way of doing that at night, don't they???

I hope your mouse will be "history" very soon...

Melinda said...

I would have been on the counter with you if a mouse ran at my face. Yikes!

If you get a mouse again (lord forbid) try the d-CON No View mouse trap. While killing the mouse is never humane these traps are totally safe around pets and kids because the trap and whatever bait you use are totally enclosed. There is a little colored spot that indicates if the trap was triggered or not because you cannot access the inside of the trap at all. It is the only kind I will use from now on after it worked so well for our last mouse.

Joanie said...

I choked on my yogurt while reading about the mouse running directly at your face and how quickly you jumped on the counter!!!

Since I got my 2 cats 5 years ago, I havnen't seen a mouse in the house at all, and I usually get a couple every winter

Karen S. said...

mouse running at our face...better run fast...we had a mouse-buster out once, they used little bags of blue pellets hidden away from pets..but most helpful was his suggestions to rid mice so they don't come in during the cold... all bird seed, cat food, dog food stored in plastic or tin containers, that BIG bag of potatoes sitting on the floor too! Just keep thinking...better..better...better...! ;)

C. Beth said...

Ugh. Hope the rest of the week/weekend is MUCH better, involving a dead mouse thrown away by brave Joe.

Toriz said...

Sounds like your year can only get better!

Dave and Tami said...

I agree with Melinda's comment about the no view traps. Not because I feel particularly guilty about poisioning the rotten little rodents, but because I can't stand to look at them afterwards. Hope your year started off this way just so that you can achieve "better" quickly. Happy New Year.

~Sarah~ said...

I agree with Toriz! But you've obviously got a great sense of humor about it, and glad you could share the laughs.

Kaylen said...

Did you read my post a couple weeks ago about this?? Why are you copying my blog? Cheater.

I bought the D-Con traps that Melinda wrote about. You never see anything. There's no way for any poison to get to your cats, that I can tell. I made my son set one up in my bathroom where we have seen our mouse, but he didn't bother to read the instructions so he didn't put any bait in it! Grrr. I'm going to fix it tonight...but everyone keeps saying that mice never travel alone, so how will I know when I get them all?? each trap only gets one mouse!

Someone else told me that if your crawlspace is never accessed by your pets, you can get these pellet things at home depot and you just chuck these pellets into your crawlspace, or get close to where you think the mice are, and the mice are excited to eat them...but then it makes them SUPER dehydrated and they have to leave in search of water. Then when they find their water, they overdrink or something and die? I don't know the logistics, but he said that this helps so the mice don't just die and rot under your house. Nice, right?

Good luck!!