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Friday, January 28, 2011

Working Out Our Demons

Ever notice how much "exercise" and "exorcise" look and sound the same? I've decided this is not a coincidence. In fact, I've taken to "exorcising" on a regular basis.

My husband is a runner. It's great stress relief for him and he says he does a lot of thinking while he's pounding the pavement. I've never reached a level of running that allows my thinking to move beyond "is it over yet? how much further?". Usually it's a rhythmic "hate. this. hate. this" as each foot hits the ground.

Still, I find exercising to be a great distraction when I'm feeling troubled. Whether doing something that takes concentration, like working out along with a game on the Wii, or zoning out while on the recumbent bike or elliptical, I usually do the opposite of thinking. Since it's the thinking that most often gets me into trouble and brings on panic attacks, this is a good thing.

Just another example of how my husband and I are very different people. And yet, in the end, we're both exorcising while exercising.

P.S. Yesterday was PT session #2 for my back and I've been told I have to limit my exorcising to the recumbent bike and assigned exercises. I'm bummed not to be able to do the dancing and EActive2 program on the Wii but at least I can still burn calories.


Diane said...

I think I may be agreeing with you on the exer and exor... theory. Good one! Hope you are feeling better soon and up for anything. :O)

C. Beth said...

I like that a lot!! I don't use running as a time to think, but as a time to build up some endorphins while listening to a book or podcasts. I guess that means I AM thinking, but not about my life.

Jeanie said...

I've never been able to turn myself into a runner either. I do agree with your equating exercising with excorcising. Nothing like a little mindless sweating to clear our heads.

Princess Andy said...

i love the referencing of "exorcise".


i can think of others...torture, suckage, bloody awful...but they just don't have the same ring to them as EXORCISE.


marjnhomer said...

i need to workout more but can't becaus im not motivated enough plus with 3 kids under 5 its hard

princessr9 said...

I feel so much better when I exercise. It does help with stress.

Toriz said...

I often do a lot of thinking things over while exercising. Mind you, most of my exercising is only walking, so it's easy to find the energy to think while doing that. ;)