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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Discipline & Happiness

Way back in the day, I was following C. Beth's lead and blogging with discipline. The idea was that by blogging every day, it keeps your brain writing skills from growing rusty. The consistent practice was often very rewarding.

Then, life grew super busy. I decided to let myself off the hook and instead embrace "blogging without obligation". A tremendous amount of pressure lifted as I gave myself Sunday off. And then I scaled back to a few days a week. Lately? I'm struggling to puke up even one post a week.

In part, it's because I'm going through a bit of depression. Part of this is seasonal. Part of it is related to a sad anniversary (not a wedding anniversary). This year, it's compounded by physical pain (though my back is improving), lack of direction, and stress related to my husband's job search.

Recently, I've come to believe that a lot of my ability to be happy comes from my decision to BE happy. That's been a struggle lately. Also, I believe that our attitude can very much influence the attitudes of those around us. Ever notice how you may wake up in a bad mood but you find yourself surrounded by happy people in the office and suddenly you don't feel so glum anymore? The opposite also seems to hold true. I don't want to be the person that brings others down.

All of which is a long rambling way of saying two things:
  1. I am going to double my efforts to choose positivity
  2. I am going to blog with discipline for a bit to get past this creative slump
I expect I'll post some entries that aren't very good but blogging has brought me great pleasure in the past and I'm hoping that by committing myself to it, blogging can help bring me some happiness in the (very near) future.

Cheers, mates. Let's bring back the awesome!


Melinda said...

Welcome back to blogging. I might have to try and follow your lead. It wouldn't hurt to try to bring on the happy in my little world either.

As for you, if you ever need to vent you know where I am. I'm always available with an open ear and virtual shoulder to lean on.

C. Beth said...

That's very exciting! Your attitude is great...proactive. I'm looking forward to more frequent posts!

Linda said...

Good for you Cate. You have inspired me to choose to be happy today! And to not let things get me down.

I agree that we do bring others down with us when we have discouraged attitudes. I like to help people and not to bring them down.

I think your 6 Words Saturday gives people something fun to look forward to. Some of us are long winded and never stop at just 6 words. But even those that do...are at least able to get those 6 words off of their chests! (:>) Ha!

Blogging can be an outlet...and a tool. I enjoy it so much. It can also be a way to share our burdens...and people have come to my side and offered to pray for me and that makes me feel better too.

It is also a way to rejoice openly and people have rejoiced with me when good things happen.

My husband and a few of his friends are "choosing" to go out and be happy golfing today! Ha!

I may do a little shopping or visiting with a friend. But whatever I choose...I will be happy doing it.

Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

outoftheextraordinary said...

Kudos to you! Starting back up blogging feels like working out... if you do a little every day it's not bad, but when you take a day or seven off it's sooo much harder to start up again!

Have an Extraordinary Day!

Dave and Tami said...

Whenever (and however often) you blog, we'll come around to read. Take care of yourself. Your choice to be happy is inspiring.

Jeanie said...

I've never been an every day blogger but I admire those that can do that.
You are so right that a positive attitude can make a great difference in how we feel.

TMC said...

bring back the awesome!? I love that. I could use a little discipline and some awesome myself.

Karen S. said...

well I'm in for that too! especially when we finally get to move out of winter hopefully soon...and the daylight stays longer and the days will be brighter oh I feel the urge to write something up and crazy! Here's to every day from here on out to be filled with crazy silly happiness!!!!!! Get out the crayons!

Toriz said...

I'm a strong believer in the "blogging with discipline" way of doing things, which is why the only time there isn't at least one post on my blog for each day is when I physically can't post. Like when I was losing the last of my sight and couldn't blog until I could get my screen reader program so as I could have it read the screen for me so that I actually could do a blog post, or when I was changing internet providers and ended up without internet access. I know how easy it is to get in to bad habbits though. Maybe if you start blogging more the creative juices flowing will help with the positive thinking? There's no guarantee, but - in theory - if you're busy thinking about your next post, you wont have quite as much time for negative thoughts that cause depression. It doesn't always work that way... Trust me... But it might help a little at least!

Anyway, I look forward to seeing more posts from you! :)

Grand Pooba said...

Maybe you should rename your blog "Show My Happy FACE!"