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Wednesday, February 09, 2011


I keep thinking I should write a little something here. Actually, I keep thinking I should do a lot of things. The problem is not lack of time but lack of inspiration.

See, I like to have a general idea of where life is heading. And since I left my job in late November, it seems that life is more and more in a state of limbo.

I'm unemployed but I can't start making plans for my professional future until Joe finds a new job, which might be out of the area. He's on the trail of an opportunity that 10 days ago seemed like a sure thing and now we're just waiting. We can't really plan any trips to take advantage of my free time because a) I'm unemployed so spending money freaks me out and b) I'm still undergoing physical therapy for my back and until that issue is cleared up, it's not that exciting to go on a trip that involves any amount of walking or exploring because that causes ridiculous amounts of pain.

And so I'm wandering a bit aimlessly. I'm frustrated that I don't know about the future and even more aggravated that I can't do certain things I want in the short-term because of my back. I can't even clean the house because the therapist said vacuuming was a horrible idea. (I tested this theory, by the way, and vacuumed downstairs last Friday. Guess what? She was right.)

With the lack of direction, I find myself wanting to nap all of the time. I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to realize that I need to grab control and make some changes before I allow myself to slip into a depression. Which, thanks to gloomy days and historic events in my life, I very often do this time of year even without all of the very special things happening right now.

So! Starting tomorrow (or, as you read this, today), I'm going to try finding a bit of a routine. At the very least, I'm going to start working from my desk instead of the sofa and instead of giving into the urge to nap, I'll try to get up and distract myself by doing something else.

In the meantime, yeah, I just don't have much to blog about. When I do, you'll be the first to know.


Melinda said...

So you're not pregnant then? ;-)

I hope that creating a schedule for yourself will help you feel less aimless. Steer your course toward things you would like to do but never had time before. Painting. Reading. Being a tourist in your own home town, and visiting a museum or gallery. Whatever it is that you have always wanted to try. There is lots you can do with little money and strain on your back. Good luck!

C. Beth said...

I think the routine sounds like a good idea...for you and for me. I had a busy weekend and am having trouble not being lazy this week.

Karen S. said...

I know (from past experiences) it's always hard to take this special every now and again break in our usually busy life to accept this as OUR SPECIAL's like cobwebs, you can wipe them away only for them to return, so YES you are on a well deserved break so ENJOY...cuz soon enough you will be back to work and then you'll say if only...I had this and if only I had that..... ;)

Diane said...

I've had those spells of yuks and not knowing what's going on. Keep your head up and find ways to distract yourself. Is there any type of volunteering you can do or visiting others. That always cheered me up. :O)

Toriz said...

I know how difficult it is sometimes to get motivated to do things when you have all the time you need to get things done in. Why stay awake now to get the chores done? Surely you can do them after nap time? Why get up and go to the desk to work? The sofa is good enough, and nice and comfy, so it will work, right?

It takes a lot of will power to get past those thoughts. Something tells me that you have that will power though, so just focus your mind on achieving the tasks you set yourself, and try not to give in to the temptation of doing nothing. Perhaps visit local attractions (some might even be free to visit) or set yourself some kind of project?

widcheezondat said...

When I was in a similar situation to yours, I found that if I got up and showered and dressed as if I were going to work... gave myself a goal = like I had to be finished getting dressed by 8am... then I always got so much more done in the day. If I slept late, got up and savored my coffee and languished watching the news = then the day would zip by and before I realized it nothing was accomplished. That's my suggestion. Give yourself a time to get up and a time to be ready.... and then proceed with the day.

Kaylen said...

It's good you recognize you need a schedule in life!
What about trying new low-calorie recipes for me and finding out which ones are wonderful and easy?

OR you could guest-blog for me.

OR you could research scholarships for my son.

OR you could volunteer somewhere?

YES-that's what I would do---go find some nice local non-profit that needs a little help, and commit to giving an hour a day.
(or help me with the above stuff)

If you need help finding somewhere to volunteer-let me know what city you are in and I will send you a list of opps! :)

Enjoy your time out of work-how often in your life can you just live life without deadlines?