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Friday, March 18, 2011

Collagen Injections on a Budget

This is the time of year when my lips start to rival those scary things on the faces of certain celebs. But rest assured - no collagen injections for this girl. Nope, I do it the old-fashioned way: allergies.

Just like so many others, Spring is a miserable time for me with my allergies. And since I'm allergic to a lot of things, all year round (including Tonya & Rusty), this time of year is even worse.

My doctor compared allergic reactions to a bucket. The bucket is your body's ability to cope with allergens. The more allergens you're exposed to, the closer that bucket is to overflowing. Most of the year, my meds keep the bucket under control, including living with two kitties. But during the Spring? Flowers and trees and grass and pollen overwhelm my little bucket and suddenly we need a clean-up on aisle two.

And so I grow extremely itchy and tingly and swelly in three specific areas. My hands, my eyes, and my lips. Mostly, I'm sure, due to petting the kitties and then touching my face.

But, hey, people pay a lot of money for that whole swollen lip look. And I'm getting it for free, which works much better with my current budget. Jealous?


Melinda said...

Add some sexy lip gloss and you can work what you have. Too bad it is at the expense of feeling that allergy crude.

C. Beth said...

Totally jealous. My winter chapped lips are not nearly as attractive, unfortunately.

Toni said...

All I got out of this is that you have TWO cats and you're allergic to them. You're allergic to cats but you own TWO. TWO cats make their happy home at your home even though you're allergic to them!

I have a point.

I have two guys here who are allergic to cats and so I've resigned myself to NEVER again having a cat. *Cries Buckets of Tears* BUT! Apparently, it's possible!

You know when the Kiddo is old enough to make his own decisions and I'm not forcing pills down his throat.

Oh, and Yay, sexy lips!

Toriz said...

That can't be fun!

Luckily, my allergies are much easier to control... I have to be careful of my dairy intake, can't wear any make-up, and can't have the regular medical tape touch my skin. Other than that my only issue is that if I get hot or stressed I end up covered in a sort of rash that makes it look like I have chicken pox.