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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Not Amused

This morning, I find myself aggravated about something that has nothing to do with me. But, hey, it's my blog so why not?

Charlie Sheen has been all over the news lately. People are flocking to follow his Twitter account - as of this writing, he has 782,001 followers even though his account is less than 24 hours old. He's the topic of water cooler discussion and countless jokes.

Know what? I don't find Charlie Sheen funny. And here's why:

In addition to one adult daughter, he has four children under the age of seven. This man clearly has on-going issues with substance abuse. I saw someone tweet earlier that "I'm so glad the police came and took his twins away." Really? That's something to be glad about? Babies who aren't yet two years old being taken by police?

If Charlie Sheen was your uncle or your neighbor, you wouldn't be laughing and joking. You'd be praying he would get some real help and be well for the sake of those children.

Most of us get to have our meltdowns in private. While celebrities choose to be in the spotlight, that doesn't mean they aren't also real people with real issues. These aren't scripts and characters they are acting out for our entertainment. Maybe rather than parading them around on 20/20 or making them the top entertainment headline of every "news" show we should leave them to deal with their demons in peace. If your drunk uncle grabbed the microphone at a wedding and started spouting off the things that are coming from Charlie Sheen, you'd cut power to the mic and drag him off the stage. You wouldn't continue to enable him by signing him up for an encore performance.

This morning, I just find myself rubbed the wrong way by all of the people that choose to point and laugh at what is obviously a very sick man. Maybe instead of making a spectacle of him, we could go for a bit of compassion and think some kind thoughts for him and his family that he finally receives the help he needs to conquer these issues for good.

Maybe some of you disagree. Maybe you think I'm taking it too seriously. Or maybe we could all try for a bit of humanity.

End of rant.

P.S. In the time it took me to write this post, he added another 12,000 followers on Twitter. How sick.


Diane said...

I won't be being his twitter friend. It is very sad and he definitely needs help.

April Mechelle said...

Where is his family to get him help.. even a friend, a ex-wife, which are the mothers of the children. When he show was cancelled. His & their money was cut out... He is a train wreck.. I watched his last interview.. with his 2 live-in lovers. He says he has Adonis DNA in him. Where is his manager? Boy, I am ranting now.. lol Is it because he is a man? Britney & Linsley are in all kinds of trouble just for DUI & child troubles. He has child troubles. The children were in his care.. up until last night.. If I as an ex I would be worried about my childs welfare around him. He just need help and FAST.

TMC said...

it's a pretty sad situation.

Grand Pooba said...

Yesterday was ridiculous. Every channel had his face plastered all over it.

Whatever. I really don't care.

Melinda said...

The man is very sick, that is right! Be it only the substance abuse or an medical/mental condition, he is still not well. It has turned into entertainment. "How far will he go next, let's all wait and see." How about someone really try to help him? Perhaps it is time for his family to step up and DO something other than give a stupid interview.

C. Beth said...

I'll admit I've laughed at the ridiculous things he says. Your post is a good reminder that celebrities are real people who deserve privacy and respect.

The Brown Recluse said...

I have been thoroughly disgusted...with all sides of the C.S. fiasco.

Kaylen said...

yeah, I am appalled at the amount of tv coverage he is getting. I keep thinking-doesn't anyone in his life care about him???
He is effed up. Seriously. Drugs, mental illness, whatever - someone should help him!!! It's just so sad.

kristi said...

Mental illness is a very sad disease. Add in drugs and you have a crazy train...or Charlie Sheen. So sad!