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Friday, March 04, 2011

Signs from the Universe

Dear Universe -

I think you sent me a sign earlier this week but I just wanted to make sure. See, last time I thought you sent me a sign, it was really just a mischievous bartender.

After all, I've been looking for a sign. In fact, I spent that morning talking with a friend about all of the hard work we've put into a project and our frustration with it not paying off. We were both wishing for a sign that we should either keep on or perhaps set some boundaries for how long we would keep slaving away.

Then, that afternoon, I opened the window near my desk to enjoy the beautiful weather. A car pulled up along the side of my yard and a child hopped out. And then puked on my yard. Thanks to the open window, I not only saw the event but also heard the sound effects of this drive-by barfing.

So, Universe, was this a sign? Because, seriously, it's not really what I had in mind.



Toriz said...

Well, I don't know about a sign from the universe, but it's definately a sign that someone either has a child who isn't well right now, or has a child who gets car sick! ;)

widcheezondat said...


Autumn in jeans said...

LOL!!! Maybe it was a "Aren't you glad this isn't the way your day has to start?" kind of a sign. You know, the one that seems ominous but is really just a reminder that it could be worse?

Diane said...

Whatever happened to the trumpet blasts and angelic chorus for a sign.... puking is a new one to me.... but, to each his own. :O)

Kelly L said...

Oh very funny... sorry but had to laugh

Love to you
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C. Beth said...

I think it was a sign that your lawn needs attention. I mean, puke is organic matter....Surely it's just as good as compost? It sorta IS compost.