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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Six Word Saturday

coming to a city near you

Or not.  I have a couple of trips coming up soon.  In fact, I'm on one right now (which means visits are going to be slim from me this week, sorry!).  Posts will probably be more sparse than usual, though I'm working on a plan to change that.

Want to play along? All that's necessary to participate is to describe your life (or something) in a phrase using just six words. For more information, try clicking here. Feel free to explain or not explain. Add an image, a video, a song, nothing. I love seeing what everyone does with their entries.

Each week (probably on Sunday or Monday), I use to select a bunch of entries to visit.  Or I visit everyone. Depends on what's going on that week.  In addition, please visit the person ahead of you on the list (or visit everyone if you like!). That way everyone receives at least one visit!

If you play along in your blog, please add a link to the Mr. Linky. I appreciate a link back (shiny code below if you like!). Otherwise, you're welcome to leave your six words in this post as a comment.

Please be sure to link either to your main page or (preferably) directly to the 6WS post. Links to blogs that do not contain a 6WS entry will be removed (sorry, just the button in the sidebar doesn't count as participating).


Self Sagacity said...

You're a traveler? Is traveling what do you do this for a living? I don't know much about you and don't recall I read anything about it ;-). Just playing along with your 6WS. Thursday Two Questions

NC Sue said...

Hi there! Thank you for hosting.
I’m a follower, and hope you’ll visit me soon and follow back!
I've included a page on my site that lists blog hops for each day of the week, and this hop is listed there. If you know of other great hops, please let me know!
Oh… also, earlier this week, I posted a list of great ways to save at the gas pump. I hope you’ll find this list helpful:
Have a great week.

Elaine said...

Enjoy your travelling! Where are you visiting?


you didn't mention whether it was business or pleasure. let's hope it is for pleasure and that you'll have the greatest of time.

Linda said...

Ok Cate...I hope you have a nice trip! Thanks for always hosting SWS.

You're the best! (:>)


Karen S. said...

I hope you're having a blast where ever you travel...enjoy new things if you can too...Happy weekend! I can't believe how many people have already posted!

Stephanie M. Hasty said...

Let my new favorite Saturday Day morning ritual begin!!! :D

Jim said...

Hey Cate, thank you for keeping up with this. Enjoy your jaunting as that is good for you.

If you come my way by Houston someplace please holler.
Call Me, Jim

Susan in SC said...

Thanks for hosting! Love this day and this link!!

TMC said...

where'd you go where'd you go where'd you gooooooooooooooo??

silver star said...

Safe travels!

Kathe W. said...

Oh I know what you are talking about! We just took a fun filled 12day jaunt down to California and it was a challenge to post my "Snap a Day" photos! But I managed- thanks to all hosts allowing me access to their pc's!
Have fun wherever you are and if you are in the Portland OR area- email me! I'll be happy to meet up if that's possible for you! Cheers

haikulovesongs said...

have fun on your trips! ♥

princessr9 said...

Have fun on your trip! I hope you're enjoying your weekend.

Rockin' Mama said...

Happy Saturday!★

itgirlsbeware said...

Woot. Glad I came across this because I haven't been feeling to happy these past few days and my six words really made me think of them in a mantra type way.

Amalia said...

Happy travels:)

Dianne said...

Wasn't feeling well yesterday, and didn't get on the computer. Didn't even remember that it was Saturday.
But better late than never!
Dianne @

Toriz said...

Bet you wont be visiting here!


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