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Friday, April 15, 2011

This Book Stinks

No, really, it does. I first discovered the Kinsey Millhone (A is for Alibi) series back in college. And since I was poor, I often bought the books on Ebay. I don't own the entire collection since I picked up a few at the local library.

However, I own "I is for Innocent". I'm sure it was an Ebay purchase. And I'm sure I never read this physical copy of the book (it was probably part of a lot sale) because ugh. It stinks. Literally. By which I actually mean literally as opposed to people who say literally and have no idea what that means. The book smells awful. It's also very yellow. And the pages are falling out as I read it.

So while the story may be fine, the book stinks. My hands also stink after I spend time reading it. This is why I super-value items that come from a non-smoking home. Yuck.

Also, if YOU value items from a non-smoking home, come to my undisclosed location tomorrow to buy my junk. Seems the lady in the neighborhood that offered to place the ads decided to completely disregard the whole "Saturday, with a rain date of Sunday" thing. Instead she placed them all as "Saturday, rain or shine!" because turns out she's not available on Sunday. I'm tempted to earn the reputation of "Neighbor Who Punches Stupid People In The Face." This is why I'm a control-freak and I insist on doing everything myself.

And now, I'm off to plug my nose and read my book, even though it stinks.


Melinda said...

I really hate that stinky book smell. I have a confession: last night I boxed up a bunch of books that I am going to take to the local used book store to sell. Whatever I get for them I am going to turn around and buy books for Kindle instead. I'm really a paper page book person, but damn I can't stand the smell of books anymore.

Toriz said...

I've read the "N is for Noose" part of that set. A friend brought it for me on audio cassette. It's really good... Are the others in the set as good?

I hate when people don't take care of their stuff, smoke all over books, spill things all over them, etc. :(

C. Beth said...

Ew. :(

TMC said...

How weird! I'm reading N is for Noose right now! It doesn't stink though it is a little long winded.

Kaylen said...

I haven't read that series...but I have gotten books that have a musty intolerable smell to them. Very irritating!

When we lived in an apt complex, the management planned a complex-wide garage sale and distributed fliers and told us for months in our newsletter that we just had to put our stuff out-they would advertise and bring in the stream of buyers....So on the morning of, I was out there with a TON of stuff I was happy to get rid of before we moved. Then we just waited for all the masses of people to arrive. And waited. And waited. And discovered at about 10am that the manager was JUST getting around to putting out signs and she didn't feel it was worth it to advertise in the paper. Grrr, furious!!