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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Semi-Super 8

For Joe, is his travel bible. Hotel? Restaurant? Things to do? We make no moves until we consult with TA. So when booking our room for the Austin part of our trip, we booked at the #2 hotel in Austin, the Super 8 Austin Airport, South.

It had been years since we last stayed at a Super 8 and it's not usually high on our list of preferred accommodations but considering the reviews and the price ($220 all-inclusive for 3 nights), we decided to go for it. After a quick search, I even found a coupon for a free upgrade that landed us in the "Business Suite."

The location was fine. It wasn't right in the thick of the action, but it wasn't too far away. It was near a major highway so downtown was very accessible. The rooms weren't necessarily luxurious but they were clean, functioning, and safe. Every morning, a nice little breakfast buffet (as long as someone doesn't eat all the bacon before you wander downstairs) and each evening, chocolate chip (coconut-free) cookies!

But on the first morning, the bedside alarm went off at 6am. I'm not sure if this was an alarm the previous guest had set and house keeping did not UNset, or if this was an unadvertised "amenity" in the business suite. Either way, I managed to throw the clock across the room silence the alarm and go back to sleep for a bit.

Due to the low rates, it's possible that the hotel did not pay their electric bill. Or maybe there was a murderer on the loose. One dark and stormy quiet evening as we prepared to watch a little tv on the laptop before bed, the power went out. At Motel 6, they'll leave the light on for you. At Super 8? Not guaranteed. "No worries," said the front desk. Also, no ETA on power restoration. I brushed my teeth by the glow of candlelight iPad and called it a night.

The only other odd thing I noticed about the hotel was that they located the "business suite" right next door to the "family suite" - in what world does that make any sense? Also, don't those children EVER sleep? And are there about forty of them over there, judging by the noise?  Or maybe a herd of obese hyenas?

Overall, it wasn't a bad hotel. I don't know if we'd stay there on a return trip, but nobody stabbed me to death in the shower so I consider it a win.


Toni said...
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Toni said...

Not being stabbed to death is ALWAYS a win!

Our budget is Very limited when we travel like that. We rarely stay in a hotel. Actually, when in Dallas overnight I've found a little hotel that I like very much and is very inexpensive. Econo Lodge! I know! It's always well staffed and super clean. (No carpet but I'll deal.) #MoreInfoThanYouEverNeeded

(Edited for spelling. Sorry)

Melinda said...

I can just imagine you brushing your teeth by the light of the iPad and it makes me giggle. Not that there is anything wrong with that because I use Audrey (my phone) as a flashlight all the time.

I'm glad you didn't have to spend the whole night by the light of the iPad and also that you didn't get stabbed to death in the shower. That would have sucked and I would miss you terribly.

Toriz said...

Well, it could have been worse. After all - as you pointed out - nobody tried to stab you in the shower!

C. Beth said...

Heh heh..."herd of obese hyenas." That totally made me laugh.