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Monday, May 09, 2011

What's on Draft? A Link-Up

I'll start by confessing that for years I asked what beers a bar had on draft. Thank goodness for homophones so they didn't realize I'm a moron. But when I saw "draught", I thought that was pronounced drought.

But this post isn't really about beer. At least, it wasn't supposed to be. It's supposed to be about the infamous draft folder we all have tucked away in our blogs. That place where great ideas never quite got off the ground. A holding cell for the posts we aren't brave enough to publish. Every so often I like to go through and remove a bunch that I don't think are worth keeping. Like recently, this happened:

No, I have no idea what I was thinking when I punched "new post" and typed that in. There wasn't even any content beyond the title. It's like when you scribble yourself a really important note but then when you find it again later you can't remember what it was about.

I was thinking how fun it might be to take a sneak peak into your draft folders. If a million people anyone is interested, I can set this up as a linky in a few days - just let me know in the comments.

Regardless, I'll post my draft folder soon. It's an interesting place sometimes, inside my head.

The What's on Draft? link-up will happen on May 20th! Come back that day to share and poke around some draft folders!

P.S.And now I see that both draught AND draft are acceptable when referring to beers. So I've confessed to being stupid with no real purpose.
P.P.S. And also Joe has informed me that it makes more sense all around to ask what's on tap. Brilliant.
P.P.P.S I swear I was sober when I wrote this post.


C. Beth said...

I'd like to see others' drafts but I don't keep drafts around. I just now checked and had 3 that were accidental (i.e., Blogger saved an extra copy), and 1 that I wrote last week when I was emotional and wisely put off publishing. I deleted them all. So my drafts folder is VERY boring.

Toriz said...

Mostly I've just got a load of things like movie reviews which I swear I'll post.

I will.

I really will.


Honest... I will!

Whitney said...

I'd love to link up!
I just checked mine and I have at least 18! Some were really important too! I don't know why they didn't get published. :(

Kimmy said...

I actually have a draft of ideas. Things that come to mind that I don't want to forget. Especially during those times I don't have any ideas to write about, I look there to inspire :o)

Bethe77 said...

My draft folder is full especailly right now. As Im getting ready to schedule things in for my trip. But.... it is always full of ideas that never get any further at times. Im sure mine would be somewhat of a corius mess.
Thi could be fun!

Tami said...

I actually started a draft of my idea to share all my unpublished drafts :) Your timing is perfect!