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Friday, June 10, 2011

Prescription Refills

Despite having been on the same meds now for several years, my doctor makes me come in every six months for refills. I had one of these appointments this morning. It went something like this:
Doctor: Still allergic to everything?
me: Yep.
Doctor: Still get migraines?
me: Yep.
Doctor: Still have reflux?
me: Yep.
Doctor: Still crazy?
me: Yep.
Doctor: Okay, here are your prescriptions. Come back in six months. Crystal will take your money on the way out.

Also, as a result of Destination Resignation, I'm now on my husband's insurance. And it hates me. Under my insurance, all visits to that doctor cost $10. Today, his insurance came up with the magical number of $44.20. They pay 80% of the "customary" amount. So that means the "customary" amount was over $200? Good grief.

I should've had her also prescribe me something for the pain and nausea caused by the billing department.


Autumn in jeans said...

Haha I hear you!! I get clammy every time I hear "doctor appointment" simply because mine result in a bill around $40 AND the cost of meds (usually around $180 a MONTH - and that's if everyone stays healthy!)

Toriz said...

Yeah; but then it would have cost more again!

It's times like this I'm glad we have the NHS! It might not be the best medical service, but it's free!

Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

I know exactly what you mean! I hate having to go to the doctor just to say nothing has changed so I can get my drugs. Seems like just a way to get more money to me.

Kathy said...

Oh yeah, I understand completely! My doctor makes me come in every 3 months, and it costs me a 40 dollar co-pay! I've been on the same meds for 17 years!!! Even with insurance, one of the medications costs 86 dollars--for a two week supply! Did I mention how "lousy" our insurance is???

C. Beth said...

Ugh, I understand that doctors need to be paid for their services but super-fast appointments at high cost...that bugs me.

We have a big deductible, so everything is generally out of pocket. Thankfully it's less than it would be if we didn't have insurance (since insurance has a lower negotiated rate than the "sticker price") but really makes me think twice before going to the doc.

Melissa B. said...

When my kiddo was a toddler, she had inner-ear surgery. The insurance company initially refused to pay, saying the procedure was "cosmetic." Yeah. Go figure...

Self Sagacity said...

Last year I had extreme number of tests and it was all fine until the bills came back. I felt much better not going in for the tests after that.

Kathe W. said...

Try calling up the doc's medical assistant and explain to her or him that this meeting could be done over the phone at a lot less expense to you as "nothing has changed" It's not exactly like you are on addictive drugs. Luckily our doc renews our RX's once a year when we go in for checkups.

Nancy Vecchione said...

Wow know how you all feel! Hate that disaster of walking up to the desk to pay them the equivalent of (what is to me) the national debt! We've both been unemployed for over a year so we're working w/minimal health insurance, and even that is not inexpensive. Add to that a husband w/high blood pressure, a kid w/relfux, digestive problems, assorted other problems and another one who has allergies to everything, plus I have epilepy and cellulitis(although only periodically)--Might as well just hand over unemployment checks to CVS and the doctors offices. My husband's doc for his BP is great--two of his drugs he gets as samples, the other is high but it would be way worse if we had to pay for three. I get by knowing other people have it worse..way worse. So life goes on.