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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sweaty Seppuku

I've blogged before about my gym, including my freakout when they announced a move to a new location because I was afraid there would no longer be a dark workout room.

For those of you who don't remember and/or are too lazy to click that link, my gym has a "cardio getaway" room that involves several levels of cardio equipment, a few tvs on the front wall (pre-tuned, you can plug-in to listen but you can't change the channels), and no light. Well, not NO light. But no BRIGHT lights - it's all just ambient light from the tvs and some windows. And they did eventually create a similar room at the new location.

Anyways, I have been timing my trips to the gym for 11am so I could workout while watching Tiny Drew because The Price is Right is kinda fast-paced with bright lights, and it's easy to watch while sweating on the elliptical for an hour. It also continuously humbles me because I would be the worst contestant ever. But then, someone in the control booth changed around the channels and there was no longer TPIR on tv #1. Instead, I had a choice of two sports channels, Comedy Central (which is always in the middle of a movie at that hour), Bravo, CNN, and Fox "News".

Ugh, seriously? Fox "News"? Not only do they take away my Tiny Drew but they have to put Fox "News" on tv #5.

I found myself watching either tv #2 (Bravo) or #6 (CNN), trying hard to avert my eyes from the ickiness on tv #5. In fact, I was watching some show about starving bitches America's Next Top Model last week when suddenly there was a horrible CRASH and something came FLYING OFF THE WALL!!!

Since this room is usually so quiet (just the whir of the machines while everyone works out with headphones on), the crash and resulting obscenities shouted by the other lady in the room made quite an impression. I, of course, with my nerves of steel, may have peed myself a bit barely reacted.

So what was the noise? Seems tv #5 was shared my anti-Fox "News" feelings and decided that rather than continue displaying such atrocious programming, it would commit harikiri, hurling the cable tuner box from the top of the tv onto the floor below.

Despite my usual annoyance at the sight of non-functioning equipment at the gym, considering how much they charge for membership, I must admit to a big grin every time I see the dark tv #5. I may stop by the front desk to ask when they expect it to be fixed. And maybe suggest that they use that opportunity to restore Tiny Drew to avoid any further fatalities.


Whitney said...

Hahaha. I love it! I love when inanimate objects grow a conscience and join forces with humans to rebel against "The Man".

Glad you got your dark room back! I bet that is relaxing just watching tv and spinning.

C. Beth said...

Hmmm...sounds pretty "fair" to me. But I guess the cable box wasn't "balanced" at all. :)

I think you should request that Tiny Drew be put back on. I bet they'd do it for you.

Toriz said...

*Chuckles* Well, that's what happens when you upset technology!

Not you personally; you didn't put it on Fox news. Just "you" as in people.

Maybe Mama said...

That's what you get for messing with Tiny Drew. He has the forces of Bob Barker in a younger, yet still thin, body.

Kaylen said...

LOVE this story!!!!
I never stop my tv on Fox "news", just because of this exact reason....I don't think my tv can take it.
And I worry about my cats as well...they would never tolerate that channel.