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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

No Sleep For the Wicked

There's one night every year that I'm guaranteed not to sleep. It started in 2002 when we bought our home and now it's an annual thing, this not sleeping. That night is July 4th.

When I say "no sleep for the wicked", I really mean "no sleep for the anxious." It's much too hard to sleep when I'm worried about the idiot neighbors blowing up fireworks and setting the neighborhood on fire (hello, drought conditions). It's also not restful to think about my idiot friends blowing their fingers off with fireworks. Not to mention the lack of comfort I find in thinking about my idiot cats peeing themselves every time something bangs or sizzles in the night sky.

Long gone are the magical days of childhood when Daddy launched fireworks off the tailgate of his baby blue Ford pickup. I'm light years away from the "oohs" and "ahhs" of the light shows in the sky. Now when I see and hear fireworks, I'm think of the horror stories of missing appendages, house fires, and a whole lot of tax-payer dollars that could be going to something more practical.

Yes, I'm that old woman girl. But I really don't ask for much - just the courtesy of not lighting my home on fire.


P.S. I took things to an entirely new level last night. Not only was I anxious but I managed to have heart palpitations and generally freak out. Usually I just feel uneasy. This time I felt sick. All of the professional fireworks were rescheduled for tonight (those don't bother me nearly as much as the craziness going on feet from my house) and I'm hoping all of the amateur shows got it out of their system last night.


Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

I sorry that fireworks cause so much stress for you. I hope the local display isn't too bad. Try to think happy thoughts and sip a little wine to get through it. Thinking of you!

Karen S. said...

I hear you...this year a neighbor began fireworks, the expensive really cool ones...but we had them for three nights before the dog Lady is not a fan....I also wonder why people don't respect your saved tarp for the parade...every year we go out early set it up and every 4th there are other families who bring their kids to sit behind your family and they trample over our hate to disclude a kid right, so you move over and say hey want to sit here too...grrr that's a bittersweet parade time.....but hey it's over till next year right! Have a great week Cate!

Toriz said...

You'd have totally freaked out with the display we had for bonfire night (November 5th) last year then. We're usually careful, but the a$$hole who my Mam and her friend decided to have do the fireworks... Well, let's just say I'm not sure how his kids, my Mam's friend's grandaughters and I are still around. Safety rules went out the window with him, and on more than one ocasion a firework narrowly missed one of us. I generally don't worry beyond making sure safety rules are followed, but there was a moment there when I was seriously scared for my life! And by the end of the evening I was giving him a gobful. (He even knocked in to me when I had a sparkler, and did it hard enough so I dropped the sparkler... Luckily on the path not the grass, but it was very nearly the grass). I told him he's an irrisponsible jacka$$, and whoever it was who came up with the idea of trusting him with fireworks wants to be shot, because he wasn't safe to have around them (I did wait for the kids to be in another room before giving him the full ear bashing; I only told him he was an irrisponsible idiot and shouldn't be allowed near fireworks while the kids were about... I make it a point to watch my mouth in front of children).