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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Refresh - Refresh - Refresh

Overnight, my first submission to the writing booth went live. The booth is where class participants post their work for classmates to critique.

When I've taken these writing classes in the past, I've always submitted an older piece that I've been working on for awhile. It's usually already heavily revised and edited with feedback from several friends. This time, I'm taking a different approach, submitting pieces that are part of my larger work-in-progress.

The submission that went live last night is the introduction to my book, which I wrote just this past Sunday. I submitted it yesterday, meaning it was only 24-hours old when I released it into the wild. Sure, I made some revisions in that amount of time. But that's quite "new" to be sending off into the world.

Since I woke up this morning, about ninety minutes ago, I've refreshed my booth page at least half a dozen times, waiting for the first comment. I'm feeling a ridiculous amount of anxiety over it and hoping it's well-received. I'm hoping the comments provide some great feedback regarding changes I can make to strengthen the piece. I'm also crossing my fingers that I don't regret submitting something this fresh and dear.

Time to go refresh the page some more.


Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

I can understand your anxiety over the first comments on your writing. Just keep in mind that they are just opinions don't let them discourage you.

TMC said...

stop that!

Brenda Susan said...

LOL! I totally understand that tension. Our words are our very own little vulnerable babies aren't they? Good luck and you've made me curious about this group.

Toriz said...

I hope you get some useful comments, and that your work is well received in general!

Princess Andy said...

wow. so freaking proud of you for starting your book.

and i agree with melinda...everyone likes different writing styles than the next person.



C. Beth said...

I agree with Andy--so awesome that you are writing a BOOK!!

Toni said...

Cate, I can't wait for the jhbc to read your book! :)

Tami said...

Can't wait to read it. Keep at it even if you get negative comments. There are a lot of people out there who think they know more than they do. :) And keep brushing!