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Friday, July 01, 2011

Where's Cate?

I'm here, I'm here! But I've been there. And over there. And just a bit of everywhere.

I mean all of this in terms of my mental state as opposed to physical state (though I did spend last weekend in Baltimore, which is in Maryland state). The good news is that opposed to the funk that took hold a month or so ago, I'm here and there and everywhere in a more positive manner.

It would be a lie to say I'm 100% happy happy joy joy. I'm not quite sure that's something I'll ever attain, but it's good to have goals. I'm still feeling a bit disjointed and directionless. Joe's work situation is still what it is, which means I continue in this weird limbo. My contract with ex-work ended last week so now I'm not bringing in regular cash and feeling a bit of pressure about that.

But even with all of that, I'm starting to feel a bit inspired again. I've been feeding off the creative energy of people around me. My Twitter friends are constantly posting their photography, paintings, and other projects. Our #jhbc has resulted in a great clan for discussing not only reading but also writing. I'm completely immersed in Pinterest and collecting so many amazing beautiful ideas there. The trip to Baltimore last weekend involved a family "reunion" with family I've never met on Joe's side (it's a bit complicated) and they are a gifted, eclectic, talented and diverse group of artists, musicians and people doing their own thing, often a bit off the beaten path.

They say like attracts like and that we should surround ourselves with people and things that we aspire to be/do. I feel like I've had some serious exposure to great energy lately. I've been crafting, painting, taking online drawing lessons, signing up for a sewing machine class and also signing up for two online writing courses to prepare me for a book idea (!!!) that's been starting to solidify in my mind.

Unfortunately, I'm still struggling to find my way back to blogging. I realize this isn't by any means a great post but I really felt inclined to post something today. And this is what's on my mind, so there ya go. A bit of an update to ease back in, hopefully. Nicely timed because today begins a new month.

Hoping some of you are still out there - I've been missing you guys!


Karen S. said...

Hey just seeing you pop in and out of here is great....we all get a bit on the busy side, or wordless side...but it's all about being in the business of YOU...take care of you or YOU won't be here...I just take each day at a time and am thankful for all that gets done..I just read a quote from Martha Stewart, about beginning at zero and getting as much accomplished in a day...but hey Martha you have so many helpers!!!! Really Martha...I color to be happy...etc... Never ever sweat the small's all small stuff...but look in the mirror and smile...that's all we can do....and it's good enough for me....!

Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

I love hearing about you being more creative. It is good for the soul.

Take your time with blogging. You will know when you are ready to be back at it again.

Tami said...

Glad to hear you're at least making small steps in the right direction. I enjoy your posts, whatever and whenever they are. Share your creative ideas - I would love to see what you're coming up with.

Toriz said...

Well, despite the facct it's taking you away from the blogs, I think it's a good thing, so keep up the crafting, learning, etc! :)

C. Beth said...

I know you said this is by no means a great post, but that "state" sentence near the beginning is an AWESOME sentence. Man, I love when words make me smile. :)

I'm happy that you are getting inspired and of course can't wait to get my signed copy of The Book of Cate (which is of course what the title should be.)

Jan Holt said...

Welcome back! I'm just coming back from a VERY long blogging ice age. I feel ya. I'm just happy to see you posting again AND feeling a bit happier. Again, I really know what you mean!

Hugs to you sweet Cate,


soulbrush said...

It is harder to be here there and everywhere,
Better to be just here
Or maybe all gone!
My mantra:
this too shall pass!

Linda said...

Yay Cate! You have quite a lot going on...and I hope those creative juices keep flowing. They make us feel so alive!

Blogging is just a small part of life. Don't worry about it...just do it when you want to. That's what I do. (:>)

I hope the job thing works out for you and hubby...and that you can both end up doing something rewarding.

Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

Kathe W. said...

this is a great blog post- newsy and a personal peek into your life- just take it easy and breathe!