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Thursday, August 04, 2011

All Heathers Are Equal

I should probably post about the trip to San Francisco but here's the highlights: the weather was amazing, Joe finished his half-marathon at a slower pace than desired, and we took a redeye home Sunday night.

You know how you reach that point that you're so exhausted it's like being drunk? Suddenly everything is hilarious. That was us Sunday night (as evidenced by my Twitter stream). Our hearing was adversely affected as well, causing us to be sure they were paging "Wolfgang Puck" over the PA system. Then the gate next to us was insistently calling for "Pig Pig" to come see the gate agent immediately. Oh, the laughs we had over Pig Pig. We even ate bacon the next morning in Pig Pig's honor.

Around 10:30am we made it home to our undisclosed location. We unpacked, started laundry, and took a much-needed four hour nap. Feeling refreshed but still owchy from running/walking/airplane sleeping, we headed off to massage appointments. Booking massages for that afternoon may have been the smartest decision we made regarding the entire trip. Since Joe had run the big race, I made sure his appointment was with his favorite massage therapist, Heather. Heather Harrell, specifically, as there are two Heathers in this location.

When some random chick came and called for Joe, he looked around the room for another Joe. This wasn't his Heather. Was it the sleep deprivation causing the confusion? Had we landed in some alternate reality? Who was this woman?

It turns out his Heather has left this location. Rather than let the customers know, they just moved all of her appointments to the other Heather, resulting in a lot of confusion. Did they think people wouldn't notice? (Actually, the night before, we may not have noticed.) Also, how much must it suck to go into every appointment saying "Sorry I'm the wrong Heather." Talk about an inferiority complex...

Also, all Heathers are sadly NOT equal. This one wasn't nearly as awesome as his Heather. It wasn't that she was bad, she just wasn't great. Bummer.

But, there was of course a bright side, according to Joe. "At least she wasn't Pig Pig." Being the wrong Heather beats being Pig Pig in all situations.

P.S. Yeah, I just barfed up this blog post. But I wanted to get back into the groove of posting so there ya go.


Tami said...

The "barfed up" posts are usually the best - no pretense, no overthinking. And I loved this one. Great story about Wolfgang and Pig-Pig. So sorry to hear about the "other Heather" ordeal. Hope you're feeling relaxed and rested now.

C. Beth said...

There is a joke in here somewhere about the Big Bad Wolfgang and the one little Pig-Pig....

I enjoyed the "barfed up" post too. :) <3

Karen S. said...

But hey it was a great post to read, and I'm so sorry about the Heather moving on...maybe the new Heather can take some direction from Joe and she can be just as good too!...sometimes I think people get too used to going to the same hair stylist or whatever and they think no one else can compare...but really sometimes it's BETTER to just never know!

Toriz said...


I guess not all Heathers are created equal? ;)

Hope you're feeling relaxed and that it was a good trip! :)