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Monday, August 29, 2011

Fat Cats

It's been awhile since I dedicated a post to the little fur freaks so I might as well give an update. I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that since I was doing my best Exorcist impression, Joe took the kitties to the vet for their annual appointment without me.

The vet says Tonya needs her teeth cleaned again. Only, because of her "attitude issues", they want to put her in some kind of gas chamber instead of giving her a shot of sedative. I have to admit that the idea kinda freaks me out. A lot.

In addition, turns out the fuzzbutts are a bit overweight. Tonya's about 16 lbs and Rusty's around 17 lbs. So once again, we've changed their food to a more expensive, lower calorie variety. And in order to tell what each kitty is eating, we now feed them separately and then take their food away rather than leaving the uneaten portion out.

As a result, Tonya has decided she now has permission to crawl all over the tables and counters to forage for food. Because, you know, we're starving her. She's also decided 4am is roughly the proper hour for her to receive another go at the dish and lets us know by screaming and knocking things off the dresser. Rusty has voiced his displeasure by pooing in the bathtub whenever he wants to eat and his food dish isn't available.

To say my patience with kitties is wearing thin would be a bit of an understatement right now.

With Joe traveling this week, many people have told me that it's nice I'll have the kitties to keep me company. They must've missed the part where I'll have the kitties constantly interrupting my sleep and crapping places they shouldn't. Maybe a kitty gas chamber isn't a bad idea after all.

P.S. I'm not around this week. I mean, I am, but I won't be responding to comments because I'm unplugged and focusing on writing.


Whitney said...

LMAO. I'm sorry the cats are driving y'all crazy at odd hours. Our dog, Sabrina is on a special diet for her skin. The food is OUTRAGEOUS! And of course, we can only buy it at PetSmart. So I feel for ya.
I hope the kitties get used to their new diet soon. >.<

Toriz said...

What is it with cats voicing their displeasure by using things that aren't litterboxes as kitty loos? We had a cat do that... Always the clean laundry! (She started it after we moved... She didn't seem to like the place, plus, I think her head was a bit messed up from one of the other cats being killed by people who think feeding cats poison is a good plan).

Good luck with your week of working on writing, etc. And with attempting to convince two cats that dieting when you need to is a good idea.

C. Beth said...

I have to admit, my dog wears at my patience. Sometimes pets are great. And sometimes...well, sometimes they just aren't.

schmidleysscribblins, said...

I am just getting around to reading about your crappy cats because i can't think of six words. I always wondered why they do such odd things...cats, not words.

At least they never peed on your bed. My old dog pulled that stunt and now David says, why don't I let him in my bed anymore...the dog that is. David says he has been banned since 1986, but that's a lie. He just hates it when I snore...allergic to cats.