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Friday, August 26, 2011

Fractional Friday

Don't worry - there's no math involved. I'm just going to barf up a whole bunch of tidbits in no particular order.


Joe takes off Monday morning for 5 days and nights in San Francisco for work.

My retreat begins Monday. You've given me excellent ideas and I'm really looking forward to it.

One of my retreat goals is to come back feeling a bit more enthusiastic about writing and blogging. Maybe I'll update more than once a week or so.

Hurricane Irene is incoming. We're far enough away that we should be fine but we're monitoring closely.

I'm so fed up with these cats that I'd really like to send them away for awhile. We've changed their feeding situation and they're displeased. I still need to blog about that - maybe I'll schedule it for next week.

I've been super-productive lately and it makes me very happy.

Something random that made me laugh:

My twitter pal @daanando (can I call him that?) retweeted this and it cracked me up.
If you were a cop, you'd probably get in lots of trouble for walkie-ing "Officer Down" whenever you felt sad.

I may make this post a semi-regular thing. It's nice to look back over the week and have a place to tie up loose ends, even if it's just a few random items.


Melinda (Sew-Lin) said...

I like random stuff posts. Some stories are too short for a post of their own but you still want to share them.

I hope your retreat is very productive!

Toriz said...

Good luck to Jo, and good luck to you with your rettreat! :)

Hope the hurricane doesn't get close enough to cause any issues for you!

Cats like routine. Mess with the routine and they're going to let you know they aren't impressed. Simple as that!

LOL @ the officer down thing!

C. Beth said...

I really love your idea of an unplugged week. Although I'll admit it makes me feel a little panicky to think of doing it myself. Hmmm, maybe that means it's something I SHOULD do.

Nah. ;-)


if this is the kind of randomness you come across and share, i love it!! it sure made me laugh out loud!!
"officer down"...